PDA Drivers

Precision Drivers Atlanta is a community of highly-trained Drivers that work with the highest safety to create a car chase on a highway or a simple traffic on a local street. Our team is comprised of Race Car Drivers, Motorcycle Racers, Truck Drivers, Equipment Operators, Law enforcement and Military Vets. We get this question a lot. Stunt drivers in Atlanta differ from precision drivers in the way that they perform the actual stunts that you see on the big screen. A car rolling over, turning on its side, soaring through the air, crashing, drifting, etc…these are all the tasks of a stunt driver in Atlanta. Precision drivers will add a flow of traffic or passing cars, while stunts drivers are in the main spotlight, performing maneuvers to create intense action sequences that not many can pull off. Precision Drivers Atlanta offers only the top stunt drivers and Precision Drivers. We serve all of Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Louisiana, Alabama, Florida and Tennessee.