Q: What opportunities might I expect to get from a Precision Drivers Atlanta?

A: Precision Drivers Atlanta is a full service talent agency that wants to connect your Vehicle and your talent for a variety of jobs, on- camera, TV, commercial, industrial film, and promotional work.

Q: Does Precision Drivers Atlanta guarantee work?

A: No. In this industry the client has the right to select the talent that best suits the job. Agents can suggest whom they feel might be the best selection for a specific job; however, the client makes the final selection.

Q: What will I need to be marketed?

A: Precision Drivers Atlanta will market your vehicle and your experience. Precision Drivers Atlanta only asks that you enter all your information correctly with the best and possible pictures of your vehicle and yourself. For most work you will be hired directly without a interview. In some cases you may be required to appear for an interview if the client requests it.

Q: Is there work on the weekends with Precision Drivers Atlanta?

A: Yes. There is work on the weekends. There is also work during the night.

Q: How easy is it to find the picture car I need for my film?

A: You can find cars easily with our SQL database. If we don’t have the picture car you need, we will find one for you.

Q: Am I allowed to be with other agencies besides Precision Drivers Atlanta?

A: You are non- exclusive. This means you can apply with any other agency. If you are a commercial or promotions model or an actor/actress, you are allowed to be with more than one agency as long as it is a non- exclusive contract with each.

Q: How much does it cost to sign up with Precision Drivers Atlanta?

A: There is no cost involved with our service to sign up. We only make money if you get hired.

Q: How much notice do I get for bookings/auditions with Precision Drivers Atlanta?

A: This is a very fast paced business. Sometimes only 24 hours notice is given, however, most auditions give you 48 hrs.

Q: How do update my profile with Precision Drivers Atlanta?

A: If you need to update the profile we ask you email us at info@precisiondriversatlanta.com. We will do everything in our power to help you keep your profile accurate.

Q: Is it important for me to pay to have a portfolio?

A: No, Precision Drivers Atlanta prefers on-line portfolios. This web portal allows the member to fill the form online and register your vehicle with pictures of yourself with your own PC, iphone or any Smartphone.

Q: What is the difference between Precision Drivers Atlanta and other agencies?

A: We at Precision Drivers Atlanta are dedicated to ensure you get the exposure with any type of Movie or Television role where they will need vehicle to work with stunt talent.

Q: Are stunt drivers in Atlanta professional? How do I find the right one for my project?

A: All of our stunt drivers in Atlanta are 100% professional and you can search them on our page to check out resumes, headshots and stunt reels to find the perfect stunt driver for you.

Q: How can I update my information in Precision Drivers Atlanta?

A: To be available to update any information, we recommend sending us an email at info@precisiondriversatlanta.com requesting the update of your information. You will need to be specific. It will take about 48 hours for the changes to be register on our system and become visible to the public.

Q: How can I cancel my registration at Precision Drivers Atlanta?

A: You can send us formal request email at info@precisiondriversatlanta.com. Write your name as appears on our website, email address, and phone number. The process time will be about 24 to 48 hours to complete the request to have you removed from our system.

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