A Guide to Learning a Professional Stunts

A Guide to Learning a Professional Stunts

A Guide to Learning a Professional Stunts

Many people consider the job title professional stunt driver the most incredible job in history. Our experts offer these steps to learning stunts.

Have clear expectations.

Before becoming a part of the film industry, there are some essential things to know. Getting stunt driver jobs can be particularly challenging. This information is not meant to discourage you from doing a job that you are inspired by, but it is crucial to understand the situation to have the most significant chance for success. Working within a freelance environment can be a challenge for people. Jobs are not guaranteed. Nobody owes you anything, and you should not expect handouts, especially if you're new to the business.

The job market today is flooded with stunt drivers. In the past, the only way to get stunt driving experience was driving cars on a film set. Unfortunately, allowing new stunt drivers into the film industry required additional stunt drivers, making it very difficult to learn the job. On the other hand, today, there are plenty of stunt driving schools available to teach stunt driving lessons through various courses. In addition, these schools provide plenty of yearly graduates, flooding the market with entry-level stunt drivers qualified for the job. This means that in the non-union sector, stunt driving wages are reduced. The probability of getting a job is also diminished because more people are available to compete for the job. This can make it very difficult to stand out in the crowd.

Acquiring and perfecting the skills you need to be a stunt driver.

Stunt driving schools teach students professional stunt driving techniques. There are many benefits to attending a professional stunt driving academy, including one-on-one instruction from industry leaders, a learning environment with a lack of trial and error, the opportunity to practice in dedicated stunt vehicles, and increased networking opportunities. Anyone can attend a stunt driving school and learn more about the business, but more is required to make yourself stand out from the competition. During stunt driving academy, you learn to perform specific types of skids and slides. Therefore, it is crucial to retain consistency and perfect your stunts every time. Consistency is the element that separates incredible stunt drivers from average stunt drivers.
When You Reach this point in your training, it is essential to remember the following three things:

  • You need a vehicle you can specifically dedicate to stunt driving practice.
  • You need a location to practice your stunt driving skills.
  • You need a demo video to showcase your capabilities.

Finding a place to practice.

It can be helpful to create a list of local locations that may work well for practicing. This often includes parking lots that are large enough for making mistakes. Ideally, you should consider parking lots attached to businesses that are not open on Sundays. You can use Google Maps to research your area and get a better idea of locations nearby. Once your list is created, you should visit your potential locations and talk to the owners about your needs. Ask if you can use their parking lot when no one is around on Sundays. It can be helpful for your case to offer to block off the parking lot so that no one can enter accidentally while you are practicing and offer to place the business's logo on your vehicle to allow them free advertising while you are driving.

Practice makes perfect

After you find a successful practice space, it is crucial to produce a great demo to market your skills. The best demos are short to the point and highlight what you are great at. Here are a few essential things to consider when practicing your driving sessions:

Practice as often as possible

Consistency is vital in stunt driving. You need to execute your stunts the same way every time, and practice will make you better.

Film your practice

Bringing along decent recording equipment and a couple of friends will help you record your practice sessions.

Never allow anyone else to drive your vehicle.

The property owner approved you practicing on their parking lot. So keep yourself professional and never allow someone else to drive your stunt car. This could give you a bad reputation or cause you to lose your practice space.

Always inform the local police station about your practice sessions before you start.

In many cases, these sessions are obnoxious and loud to others in the area. Informing the police of what you are doing is a wonderful courtesy to avoid them coming out to the parking lot to investigate any complaints.

Once you record your demo, get it into the hands of every film industry professional you know and post it on social media. This will help you get noticed and start getting stunt driver jobs.

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