7 Fun Facts About Cars in Films

7 Fun Facts About Cars in Films

7 Fun Facts About Cars in Films

There have been vehicles featured in films for nearly as long as movies have been around. From 'Batman's' Batmobile to the 'Back to the Future' series famous DeLorean, cars can be as famous as the actors in the films. Our experts on picture cars offer the following fun facts about cars in movies.

The most expensive car

The car with the most enormous price tag ever to be featured in a film was a 1968 Ford Gulf GT40. In 2012, the vehicle sold for 11 million dollars. It was featured in the movie 'Les Mains' in 1971.

The first featured car chase scene

The silent film 'Marriage By Motor'  released in 1903, included the very first car chase scene in a movie. Though the chase scene was a little less exciting than the effects we have perfected with CGI today, this short film was inspiring for its time.

The 'James Bond' collection is real

Vehicles in the 'James Bond' movies are likely some of the most famous cars in history. A 'James Bond' car collection features over 100 vehicles used in the famous films. Enthusiasts and collectors globally bid on the collection that was released in 2018.

Largest amount of wrecked police cars

The record for the most police cars wrecked in a film goes to the 'Blues Brothers' movies. The first movie featured 104 wrecked vehicles, with 60 being cop cars. The sequel broke this record, which featured demolishing 105 police cars.

The highest-grossing car movie of all time is 'Furious 7'

The 'Fast and Furious' franchise's seventh installment has the record for the highest-grossing vehicle movie of all time, at 1.5 billion dollars. In addition, the film surpassed the billion-dollar mark 17 days after release, breaking the record for the fastest movie ever to reach such profits.

From action-packed CGI vehicle films for adults to the lovable Disney movie, 'Cars,' movies and cars will always be featured together, even as technology changes. Everyone loves a good car chase in a movie. Our picture car experts also offer the following secrets from movie cars.

'Die Another Day's' 2002 Aston Martin V12 Vanquish

Most people aren't aware that this famous car featured in the 'James Bond' movie was priced at $230,000 brand new in 2002. However, that didn't stop movie producers from allowing it to be drifted across frozen Icelandic lakes during the iconic chase scene. The really cool thing about this car is that its engine was replaced with a Ford Boss 302 V8 for filming. In addition, the vehicle's driveshaft and front differential were replaced with parts from a Ford Explorer. These adjustments were made because the car did not have enough traction for the scene on the ice lake, and that shot was made in real-time with no CGI.

The Batmobile from 1966

Many movie cars are created to highlight new vehicles and help encourage viewers to want them. This is not the case with the fluorescent, red and black Batmobile from the 1966 TV series 'Batman.' This car wasn't as futuristic as it looked. Instead, it was based on a concept car created by Lincoln called the Futura. The Batmobile designer, George Barris, purchased the vehicle for one dollar from Ford Motor Company despite it being built in Italy for an incredible reported cost of $250,000. The car was eventually sold at an auction for car collectors in Arizona in 2013 for 4.62 million dollars.

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