4 Great Car Movies

4 Great Car Movies

4 Great Car Movies

If one industry has consistently pushed the envelope on what cars can do, it is film. Cars and movies go together like peanut butter and jelly, and our love of revved-up engines has inspired amazing filmmaking feats. Hollywood has left us drooling for more with entertaining action flicks, heist thrillers, animated features, and CGI fests featuring our favorite 4-wheeled co-stars.

The best thing a car lover can experience is sitting behind the wheel of their favorite automobile, but the next best is seeing them in action on film with some of your favorite stars. Cars have an irresistible draw at the box office and keep movie lovers and gearheads alike running to the theater for more. Our experts on movie cars present to you a few of the best car movies around.

Days of Thunder

After taking to the skies and leaving nearly every woman in America swooning with his appearance in Top Gun, Tom Cruise lent his acting genius all the way down to the world of racing with his 1990 hit, Days of Thunder. Cruise portrays a young, talented race car driver motivated to become a part of the high-octane NASCAR racing scene. It doesn’t take long for him to catch the attention of a pit chief, played by Robert Duvall, who helps him make his way to the Daytona 500. Check this movie out for a high-octane soundtrack and iconic performances.

Mad Max: Fury Road

It is no surprise that this 2015 film has been called one of the best car movies ever on more than one occasion. It showcases a world of madness and anarchy where cars are transformed into gritty, mean machines designed to conquer the dangerous terrain of a post-apocalyptic environment. The film highlights fast and furious chases through lightning and sand storms and nearly every other thrill-inducing anarchist landscape imaginable. The cars in this action flick are designed to incite danger and aggression to match their menacing drivers with unmatched engineering and design genius.

Baby Driver

This 2017 film ranks as an automotive classic with a star-studded cast and incredible soundtrack. The main character, Baby, does his best driving with music blasting in his ears. He drives recklessly with plenty of near misses and close calls to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. The opening chase scene is arguably one of the best chase scenes in modern film. It is safe to say that people came for the star-studded cast but stayed for the amazing soundtrack. This is one car movie everyone should see.

Ford vs. Ferrari

Everyone loves to root for the underdog, and this 2019 film gives them a reason to do just that. The 2019 film is set in 1966 when automobile giant Ford went head-to-head with racing champion Ferrari on the track. This film presents the story of two men, racer Ken Miles and automotive designer Carol Shelby, who designed a beautiful car to beat Ferrari at the height of their racing success. The race sequences will keep you on the edge of your seat and leave you begging for more. This action-packed feature is admittedly one of the best modern car movies to hit the silver screen.

These are just a handful of the great car movies in the Hollywood spotlight. If you are looking for movie cars for your next production, Precision Drivers of Atlanta has you covered. Contact us today for more information on the fleet we have available to support your next film.

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