What to Consider When Choosing the Right Movie Props

What to Consider When Choosing the Right Movie Props

What to Consider When Choosing the Right Movie Props

Are you wondering how filmmakers choose the perfect movie props that become iconic in pop culture?  What exactly goes into the process of choosing those movie props?  Who does it?  From choosing the ruby red slippers in The Wizard of Oz to the Wilson volleyball in Cast Away, the experts picking these movie props take a lot of different factors into consideration when they are making their choices.  These are some of the things they need to consider when they are choosing the right movie props for their films.


When it comes to choosing the right prop for your movie, you should take into consideration aspects like setting and purpose.  By establishing a setting, you will avoid making any mistakes in time.  For example, you want the technology to reflect the time period.  Props are meant to enhance the project and bring the film to life.


The mood and emotion of the film are also helpful in choosing the right props.  Sometimes, in fact, the props will help to set the tone by becoming a symbol of a state of mind or an emotion that is reflected in your character's struggles.  Props that portray certain emotions are also beneficial when you are using a certain color scheme too.


The props should also match the types of characters that will be interacting with them.  Doctors require props that match their professional and medical expertise, while a wizard will need wands and other magical props that showcase their skills in the magical world.  Your characters will help to inform the types of props that you will want those characters to use in the film.


Even in filmmaking, safety needs to be a top priority.  Although we sacrifice many things for our art, we still want to protect our actors and set team when they are doing their job on set.  When you are using props that pose any danger, like weapons or specific chemicals, you will want to simulate these as realistic as possible.  You may even opt to create your own design instead of use the real thing.


In the film industry, the budget dictates every single decision that is made.  Once the budget is approved, everything has to fall into some category.  There will likely be a budget for the props and costume department, and this will dictate where and how you can find your props for the film.

These are just a few of the important factors to consider when the prop managers and their team are choosing the right movie props for their film.  They may take hours, days, or months until they stumble across the perfect piece, or they can be inspired in a moment's time.  If you are looking for quality props to use in the film industry, contact Precision Drivers of Atlanta to hear more today.