What Departments Work Behind-the-Scenes of Films?

What Departments Work Behind-the-Scenes of Films?

What Departments Work Behind-the-Scenes of Films?

When you are watching a film, you may find yourself wondering how they are able to make everything look so realistic.  Many professionals and departments bring their talents together to create what a film eventually becomes, which is what makes it become such a hit with the public.  Each professional brings their own level of knowledge and expertise to assist in the overall efforts.  From grip lighting technicians to the camera crew to the production team, there are many departments that work together to bring a film to live.  Let's take a look at five of these departments.

Production Department

The production crew is responsible for handling all of the actors, the producers, finances, and other aspects of the organization of the set.  Sometimes, the production crew won't even work on set, as they may work on financial or promotional materials from the office.  These individuals are trained to handle any complications, organize all of the equipment, create staff schedules, and promote the film.

Electric Department

The electrical department is responsible for handling all of the proper maintenance, assembly, and safety of electrical components on set.  These professionals, which range from best boys, gaffers, general operators, and electricians, work to provide power to the set and run electrical wires throughout each scene.

Camera Crew

The camera crew takes of preparing and operating the camera equipment and setting up all of the monitors that showcase the scene as it is being recorded.  Many of these individuals work to create the exact scene they are trying to portray.  The director of photography, media management team, assistant camera man, and stills photographer work together to create life on set.

Prop Managers

The props department is responsible for dealing with all of the decisions regarding what the actors wear in the film.  This also involves considering anything that actors need to make the scene more real, like glassware, weapons, fake food, drugs, and other items.  Individuals that work on the prop crew are prop managers, prop assistants, property masters, and food stylists.

Special Effects Department

Many films also have a special effects department that works to create any extra effects that need to make the film more realistic or even fantastical.  These professionals, often called special effects supervisors or coordinators, work to create weather effects, atmosphere, or even pyrotechnics.  Many stunt doubles or stunt drivers also work in this department to create realistic fight or car chase scenes.

These are five common departments that work to create a film, whether they are on set or not.  From prop managers to stunt drivers to production crews, everyone brings their special talents and expertise to the table.  Contact Precision Drivers of Atlanta to hear more about our props and stunt drivers today.