Six Qualities of Great Stunt Drivers

Six Qualities of Great Stunt Drivers

Six Qualities of Great Stunt Drivers

Did you know that most driving done in movies is done by stuntmen? Stunt drivers are used for more than awesome jumps and incredible high speed chases. In fact, it takes a great deal to be a successful stunt driver.  First, let's talk about what it takes to be a stunt driver in a competitive field. There are millions of people who grow up with dreams of being a stuntman/stuntwoman. Those who followed that dream has crowded the industry and made it insanely difficult to make a name for yourself unless you are equipped with the right qualities.  These are some of the important qualities that many stunt drivers possess in the film industry.


The first, and most important, quality that all great stunt drivers share is bravery. It takes guts to do the dangerous stunts, and you can't go into the field and expect yourself to not be placed in a situation that has danger involved. Having nerves of steel is a major plus in this line of work.

Driving Skills

Obviously you need to have excellent driving capabilities in order to become one of the great stunt drivers of history. It isn't all about speeding and weaving in between two cars in high risk situations on the highway. It is casual driving and proper safety that is relied on in this field. If you can't properly parallel park, don't expect yourself to make it as a stunt driver.

Physical Health

Your physical health is important. Even though you are going to be behind the wheel of a car, your health has to be on top of its game. We should always care about our better well-being in life, but in a line of work that puts your life at risk, it is imperative to make sure you are in top physical condition.

Mental Health

Like physical health, mental health plays a major roll. This quality is important because you are putting yourself in situations that require you to be calm and clear headed. You will find yourself in predicaments that will place you under mental strain. If your mental health isn't in top form, you could have a bad reaction to the stunts you are trying to perform.

Mechanical Knowledge

Knowledge of driving is a given and already stated quality for stunt drivers. However, most stunt drivers are avid mechanics and sometimes even engineers that can help rig up stunts and work out the details. They need to be keen with their mind to make sure a stunt is pulled off without a hitch.

Split Second Timing

Split second timing isn't a quality you can just have. It is a skill that needs to be fine-tuned and worked on. You need to practice and calculate to make sure stunts are successful.

These are some of the important qualities that many stunt drivers possess when they work in the film industry.  If you aspire to be a stunt driver, then take these qualities and perfect them. Practice safety, and always seek out proper training.  If you are looking for quality stunt drivers, contact Precision Drivers of Atlanta to hear more today.