Qualities of a Great Picture Car Used in Film

Qualities of a Great Picture Car Used in Film

Qualities of a Great Picture Car Used in Film

Throughout the history of film, the industry has always turned to technology to enhance the impact productions make. Some automobiles have made films better, and at the same time, have risen to fame themselves. That leaves the question, why did those cars get chosen? When creators of films are asked, they often provide different answers, but they all tie into the same reason:  the car model fits the character and plot of the story they want to tell.

What makes a good picture car?

When cars are chosen for roles in film, they are often picked based off the character they are picked for. In a professional driving service, you are likely to see an Impreza or Legacy. For a movie depicting a professional driving service, they will likely use those same models for realism purposes. Same goes for race cars, street racing cars, action scenes, and so on. You see a trend on cars used in film because most of the time, they focus on popular names.

Well, most of the time. A lot of cars were made popular because of the films they were chosen for. In these instances, they were chosen based off their look, their handling, their speed, or their price.

What are the qualities that make a great picture car exactly? Simply put, it all depends. These are some of the general guidelines that affect the picture cars chosen for the movies.

Movie Setting Matters

When you are making a movie, setting is everything. You want the setting to be accurate to the story, and that means making sure that if it is set in the 1950's, you are going to need a car from the 50's. The same goes for location as well as time. Some countries drive different cars, and each state/region has its own popular model and make. Knowing this information will influence the decision on which car is used as a picture car.

Character Matching

Just like with setting, characters make a difference on what cars are used. If the character is poor, you are likely to see them driving a beater. However, if they have money or like to live outside of their budget, then you might see them driving a luxury vehicle.

Money Plays a Role

Sometimes the movie doesn't factor into the choice at all. If the film is low budget, sometimes and 'affordable' car is the only option. There are, however, product placement deals that have proven to be insanely lucrative.  In the Marvel Movies, Tony Stark is seen around high-end luxury vehicles. Why is this relevant? Because, often times, automakers will pay filmmakers for the opportunity to have their cars showcased in a film. Marvel Studios and Audi have an arrangement; Marvel Studios will showcase these luxury cars, and Audi pays Marvel for the screen time.

These are a few qualities that many picture cars possess when they are skyrocketed into fame in the movies.  Contact us to hear about our available picture cars for your next film project today.

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