How Stunt Drivers Benefit Movies

How Stunt Drivers Benefit Movies

How Stunt Drivers Benefit Movies

Stunt drivers play an integral part in most feature films. Their skills and experience operating various vehicles, understanding complicated camera shots and angles, and versatility in vehicle control when performing a stunt make them a valuable part of the production process.

Less expensive to hire than movie stars

Stunt drivers are much cheaper to acquire than movie stars. While movie stars can be paid millions of dollars to appear in a film, a stunt driver definitely will not. Production companies can hire them for a much lower salary than actors can. Because it can take many hours to set up for a scene as short as 10 seconds, it is crucial for a stunt driver to get the stunt right the first time so that they are cost-effective for the movie's budget and don't waste precious time.

Expansive driving skills with a focus on safety

Doing stunts requires rigorous physical demands, and stunt drivers are expected to be coordinated enough to handle the split-second timing required to perform the stunt right. In many cases, while on set, stunt drivers must drive a vehicle according to the movie director's precise set of instructions. The vehicle could be anything on wheels, including a motorized couch, a snowmobile, a tank, a motorbike, or a car. The most critical part of stunt driving is the driver's expertise in ensuring the trajectory and performance of the vehicle while keeping the cast and crew safe. Most stunt drivers have a remarkable ability with one or two types of vehicles like motorbikes or boats. In contrast, others may have experience driving cranes, dump trucks, and other heavy machinery.

A deep understanding of film elements, camera shots, and vehicle engineering

Vehicles have to be driven faster than they usually would because they appear slower on film. An experienced stunt driver’s know-how for getting the best shot, achieving precise camera positioning, and managing a vehicle's engineering can be invaluable on a movie set. Switching between takes without a noticeable change in the vehicle's position makes consistency an essential part of a stunt driver's job on the film. In addition, a stunt driver's unique experience and expertise are often required when driving expensive vehicles on film to obtain insurance for the vehicle.

Vehicle control and versatility

A stunt driver must have complete control of a vehicle, even when driving at higher speeds than most people ever experience. Their versatile driving skills are critical for getting shots the first time when a scene requires a vehicle to be damaged in the process. In addition, their vehicle control skills ensure that they have complete control at any speed and during any situations or complicated stunts.

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