Four Tips on How to Drive Like a Stunt Driver

Four Tips on How to Drive Like a Stunt Driver

Four Tips on How to Drive Like a Stunt Driver

Do you marvel at watching the mastery behind a car chase or car stunt on TV?  Do you wonder what it takes to drive like the pros?  When you are watching a movie with an incredible car chase or stunt, you likely only see the final cuts, the editing, and the special effects.  Behind the scenes, there are many people working to perform the stunt safely and technically so that it appears as realistic as possible.  Stunt drivers are professionals in the industry that can create many types of crashes, stunts, chases, and other car-related scenes and help them appear incredible and realistic at the same time.  There are a few tips from the pros on how to drive just like a stunt driver.

Focus on the Road

This may sound obvious, but when it comes to stunt driving, it is a critical tip.  When it comes to stunts, you want to focus on the road ahead instead of focusing on the obstacles.  By honing in on the obstacles, you actually can distract yourself from the path you need to take.  This may cause you to steer towards these obstacles, which may result in crashing or just running them over.

Manage Your Nerves

When it comes to stunt driving in film productions, you will likely be excited and nervous.  This can also relate to those that are driving a nice car or just out on a joy ride.  However, it is important that you learn how to settle your adrenaline.  When you know how to cope with these overwhelming emotions, you can focus solely on your driving skills.  Letting your adrenaline and nerves take over can lead you to make rash and hasty decisions on the road.

Practice Your Precision

When it comes to stunt driving, precision is everything.  From driving through narrow alleys to turning in a perfect circle, there are many stunts that require precision in order to be filmed in one take.  You should know how to meet your expectations consistently.  Many stunt drivers hone their skills by practicing often and always learning new techniques and new skills.   When it comes to driving, you will want to devote lots of time to honing your craft and learning the precision of each stunt.

Stay Calm

Stunt driving can sometimes become overwhelming, especially if you are having an off day.  When this occurs, stay as calm as you can.  This will allow you to stay grounded and focus instead on what you can change.  When you make mistakes, focus on trying again in a calm, focused manner.

By following these tips, you can drive like one of the professional stunt drivers in your favorite movie.  Next time you find yourself daydreaming about these car scenes, remember these tips.  If you want to hear more about our stunt drivers, contact Precision Drivers of Atlanta today.