Five Ways to Make Money from Your Classic Car (Without Selling)

Five Ways to Make Money from Your Classic Car (Without Selling)

Five Ways to Make Money from Your Classic Car (Without Selling)

Are you the proud owner of a vintage or classic car?  Do you spend a lot of time showing your car off at local car shows?  Owners of classic cars take great pride in their beauties, often spending time washing, cleaning, or tending to the car to keep it in great condition.   Even though classic cars may be one of your hobbies, it is actually possible to make this hobby into a money-making side gig.  Vintage and classic cars are rare treasures, and owning one can provide you with many opportunities to make some money.  There are a few ways that you can make money with your classic car.

Wedding Hire

Many people love to rent or use classic cars on their wedding day.  Renting your classic car or paying you to drive them around on their wedding day provides brides and grooms with an experience that provides them with luxury, excitement, and a memorable way to begin the rest of their lives today.  As they drive off into the sunset, as they say, they could be riding in your classic car.

Marketing Opportunities

People likely already have lingering glances when they spot your car in the parking lot or driving down the road on a sunny day.  Why not capitalize on this by providing companies with marketing and advertising opportunities?  Companies will pay good money to have their logo or business splashed across the side of your car using a vehicle wrap or vinyl magnet.

Community Events

From homecoming parades to local car shows to charity auctions, there are likely events in your community that can also provide you with a place to show off your car.   Allow your car to be used for local parades, to showcase important people, like mayors and other politicians.

Photo Shoot Props

People love a good backdrop to their photo shoots.  Consider putting your car up for sale as a photo shoot prop for local photographers.  From wedding pictures to senior portraits to engagement photo shoots, other car enthusiasts and creatives will find unique ways to showcase your car as an alluring backdrop to their photos.

Partner with Film Production Companies

Have you ever considered showcasing your classic car in movies, films, or TV?  There are many picture cars that are used on the big screen to capture the visuals needed for the shot.  Reach out to film production agencies to see if they are interested in the car you own.  Who knows?  Your car could be the next Herbie.

These are a few opportunities that you have to make money when you own a beautiful vintage or classic car.  Many film production companies are always looking for unique and visually appealing picture cars to go with the theme and aesthetic of their movie or show.  Contact us to hear about how we can help you with your needs for picture cars today.