Five Popular Driving Stunts Done in the Movies

Five Popular Driving Stunts Done in the Movies

Five Popular Driving Stunts Done in the Movies

Are you a car movie fanatic?  Do you love a good action scene?  Cars fascinate us, and when Hollywood makes movies full of unique stunts, daring jumps, and beautiful car models, we can't seem to get enough. There's nothing as thrilling as a good car stunt scene to keep you on your seat edge in the movie.  Each new blockbuster brings faster, tougher, and harder antics which keep our eyes glued to the screen, ready for more.  Here are some popular driving stunts are done in movies.

The Flying Driver in Fast and Furious

There are moments when stunts are perfectly calculated due to years of experience, science, and know-how, and then there are heroic and very daring stunts that no words can explain.  These stunts leave our jaws on the floor as we watch.  Tyrese, aka Roman Pierce, does this in the sixth Fast and Furious, and it seems like the stunt driver is defying gravity.  In the meantime, a tank has gone berserk, destroying every vehicle in sight.  As a consequence, the stunt driver flies from one vehicle to the next. Yes, it's insane, and it's certainly not something an ordinary person might do.  The cars chosen for the movie makes it seem like he can fly and land like Superman.

Fury Road: The Whole Movie

The entire film was a mass of restrained acting by Charlize Theron—playing a one-armed revolutionary called Imperator Furiosa—and Tom Hardy's Insane Max.  The whole post-apocalyptic film is not for faint-hearted.  Like humans, the vehicles often look strange and chaotic.  There are countless chases and stunts, explosions and flips, all by professionals and made to look simple.

The Massive Blues Brothers Car Pile-up

In the 1980 Blues Brothers movie, featuring John Belushi and Dan Ackroyd, the ending scene was a first for the industry, smashing a record number of cars.  Chased by cops after one of the brothers broke his parole laws, the last scene shows many police cars piling up at a Chicago intersection.  Meanwhile, the two brothers that are on a quest to save an orphanage manage to do so while the cops get out of the pileup and collect their wits.

The Real Flip Side of Nick Fury

Captain America's franchise doesn't include the car stunt we talk of, but Nicky Fury, aka Samuel L. Jackson. The best car stunt sequence in this movie is not only the bullet-ridden SUV that Nick Fury and the stunt driver blazes through the streets, but also when a mine is fired at the SUV point-blank. The car flips on its back, and it wasn't CGI.  The real car actually ended up on its back, perfectly executed by the stunt squad in a black smoke haze.

A Bike Stunt in The Dark Knight

Batman is as human as they come, and maybe he's one of the most relatable superheroes around.  In a scene in The Dark Knight, a film largely remembered for Heath Ledger's Joker portrait, the Batpod is a stunt driver that blows through a jumble of parked cars while managing to overturn the Joker's 18-wheeler in appallingly slow motion.  It's incredibly hard to believe, but frankly, that's the entire superhero franchise.

These are just a few of the most popular and visually stunning car stunts in the movies.  If you are looking for quality stunt drivers, contact the experts at Precision Drivers of Atlanta today.