Five Picture Cars Bought to Fame by Their Movies

Five Picture Cars Bought to Fame by Their Movies

Five Picture Cars Bought to Fame by Their Movies

While naming off your favorite actor from any given film may be easy, can you name the car they drove? What about the movies that bring more attention to the cars than the actors all together?  While Hollywood stars strive to be remembered and recognized, sometimes they are simply outdone by their co-stars on wheels.  Since automobiles have been used in movies, they have taken up a vital role in their screen time. They have unintentionally taken the stage for themselves as important features that tell the story.   These are some of the top picture cars that were made famous by starring in their movies.

DeLorean DMC 12

While this car is not common on the streets, on the movie screen, it was seen by billions around the world.  From the 1985 film Back To The Future, this 1983 DMC-12 was lifted to fame. This car can be spotted by anyone who loved watching Doc take Marty to visit his future.  It has even become so famous that a ride was created in Universal Studios to simulate their time-travelling in the DeLorean.

Plymouth Fury

Stephen King has put a dark spin on death, life, creation, and cars. The 1958 Plymouth Fury was featured in the novel based film, Christine.   As a fun fact, they used over twenty different cars in the making of this movie.  One of the cars used sold in 2015 for almost $200,000.  While this Plymouth Fury is a dream to many millions of people, it has become a nightmare for almost as many.

Volkswagen Beetle

Probably one of the most loved classic movies about cars has to be The Love Bug. Herbie, the iconically striped pearl white Volkswagen beetle, was the star of this film as he warmed his way into the hearts of millions.

Aston Martin DB5

The brand, Aston Martin, is so intricately connected to the movie super spy James Bond that their website has an entire portion dedicated to the movies. However, it was not until the third film that the Aston martin was even featured. In Goldfinger, James Bond (Sean Connery) drove a tricked-out Aston Martin that was equipped with many different spy gadgets to help him save the day. The complete recreation of this James Bond adapted Aston Martin was announced in 2018.

Pontiac Firebird Trans Am

An instant American movie classic, Smokey and the Bandit, featured the 1977 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am. The movie used about a dozen of these cars. Sadly, you will not find any of the black and gold icons around now, aside from the promo car that Universal Pictures uses.

These are five of the most classic picture cars that were made famous by the movies that featured them.  When you are looking for quality picture cars to feature in your next film project or move, contact Precision Drivers of Atlanta to see what we have in stock for you today.