Five of the Most Recognizable Stunt Drivers

Five of the Most Recognizable Stunt Drivers

Five of the Most Recognizable Stunt Drivers

Just because the actors of a film get all the recognition, doesn't mean that there haven't been a few names that have clawed out of the shadows and took on some light of their own. These names have taken on the task of performing the life risking stunts that have made action movies come to life, and doing so, catapulting themselves into fame.

If you are drawing a blank on some of these jaw-dropping feats that have made brave and crazy stunt people rise to the peak of their careers, we’re here to change that. While there have been more than just five famous stunt people, these individuals have made their names on their broken bones, blood, sweat, and plenty of fires.

Eddie Kidd

This man is most known for his notable work as James Bond...'s stunt double. Over the years, Kidd built a name for himself working with various James Bond actors. He is preceded by his reputation as one of the best stunt motorcycle drivers in the industry. Also, he still holds the world record for jumping across the most lines of buses. Unfortunately, his career was ended in 1996 after serious brain injury was caused by a stunt.

`Evel Knievel

While this name holds the title of the top daredevil, he has made a name on and off screen with some insane jumps and stunts that no other man (or woman) has had the courage or skills to try. Knievel managed to reach global recognition, and shortly after, he was inducted into the Motorcycle Hall of Fame.

Ken Block

Not every stunt driver has risen to fame through the shadows of actors, however, some have found platforms to showcase their skills behind the wheel. Ken Block rose to fame by doing just that, uploading videos of his various precision drifts, tire-smoking stunts, rally-jumping, and other showmanship. With millions of viewers, Block and his Ford Mustang have run the streets of LA.

Kitty O'Neil

Does the name Kitty O'Neil ring a bell?  Maybe it does, maybe you are too young, or maybe you just know her work. What brought her name up in the industry is her work on the television show, Wonder Woman, and other TV shows. Her reputation as one of the world's greatest stunt drivers was earned by an array of driving stunts and broken land speed records. In 1976, she exceeded 512 mph.

Travis Pastrana

In 2010, well-known motocross stuntman Travis Pastrana took his rally car and jumped it 269 feet high over Rainbow Harbor. This was a world record. This stunt is his greatest accomplishment to date and will always inspire and drive other stunt people to drive faster and jump higher.

These are some of the most popular and famous stunt drivers throughout history.  Some of them have been in films while others just enjoy the pastime of doing stunts.  If you are looking for stunt drivers for your next film project, contact Precision Drivers of Atlanta to hear about ours today.

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