Five of the Best Car Movies of All Time

Five of the Best Car Movies of All Time

Five of the Best Car Movies of All Time

Are you a car movie fanatic that loves to indulge in a good action movie?  Do you enjoy picking movies that have beautiful cars, exciting car chases, and great car stunts?  When you are picking your Friday night movies, you may want to choose those that have action to keep you awake.  Many stunt drivers put in hours of work to make sure that action appears on film as it should in real life.  In hundreds of Hollywood movies, stunt drivers, car chases, and car stunts always play an important role.  Let's take a look at some of the best car movies of all time.

Fast and Furious (2011)

The entire Fast and Furious franchise has built its way to fame with its incredible action shots, car chases, and magnificent cars.  Everyone remembers the first time they watched this Paul Walker and Vin Diesel classic.  Fast Five has a magnificent display of picture cars and a very healthy car chase.  It tries to combine more of the feel of earlier movies with the feeling of the superhero movies that simply feature cars.  It has an exotic locale that works in its favor, as Rio de Janeiro is colorful, beautiful, and picturesque.

Ford vs. Ferrari (2019)

It tells one of the most well-known stories in the automotive world, Ford's failed buy-out of Ferrari and its subsequent mission to embarrass the Prancing Horse on Le Mans' turf.
This movie stars Matt Damon as Carroll Shelby, a racer-turned-builder.   The former chicken farmer enrolls hot-headed British driver Ken Miles, played by Christian Bale, to lead the car's production, which continued to win Le Mans four consecutive times in various ways.  Filled with suspense, heart, and plenty of car eye candy in the form of 60's-era racers, Ford vs. Ferrari is a great movie for every car enthusiast.

Fury Road (2015)

Fury Road is simply a long picture car pursuit. It is an action-packed, beautifully taken, smart social commentary on a car-chase. Tom Hardy stars as a few words iconic main character. However, Charlize Theron's intense Imperator Furiosa is the center of the film. She drives a brutal War Rig, a massive Tatra-Chevrolet combination with two V8 engines.  The sheer naivety of all these inventions, and the absence of CGI, places Fury Road squarely on this list. The amount of work in the 80-plus car roster is amazing.

Baby Driver (2017)

This super-stylish heist film combines its musical score with the on-screen action. Songs rise to peak as scene melodies, but character actions, scene cuts, and even gunfire synchronize with the beat. There's a story-based reason for this: Our greatest character, Baby, has tinnitus, and he envelopes himself in tunes.  Just like Mad Max, the driving stunts are very realistic.

The Transporter (2002)

Now a star of the Fast and Furious franchise, Jason Statham won his first franchise playing an expert driver paid to carry cargo in The Transporter.  It's a fun, transgressive, and French action thriller that has its plot twists and ups and downs.  The production company that brought us this movie also brought us the Taken movies, Lucy, and several other crazy, clichéd, favorite action movies.

These are just a few of the best car movies of all time.  When you are looking for an action-packed movie that also has many stunt drivers performing unique and thrilling car stunts, you will want to try one of these.  Contact us if you are looking for more information about stunt drivers and picture cars today.