Five Characteristics of Stunt Drivers

Five Characteristics of Stunt Drivers

Five Characteristics of Stunt Drivers

Are you looking for the right stunt driver for your film project?  Do you want to hire the right professional for your film?  Stunt drivers can make your movie appear more realistic, and you need to do your due diligence to ensure you hire the right person for the job.  Stunt drivers need to possess a specific set of skills, technical knowledge of driving and the car industry, and certain physical attributes as well.  These are a few characteristics that stunt drivers should possess.


When stunt drivers are working on sets, they need to have attention to the detail of each scene.  Their job requires them to use highly technical knowledge to recreate a scene that appears to be realistic from a viewer’s standpoint.  Whether they are doing a car chase or reenacting a car accident, they need to pay attention toe all the details in the scene that make it more realistic.  It is their job to inform the directors of any changes or discrepancies that may exist so they can be addressed immediately.

Team Player

Stunt drivers do not work alone.  In fact, they are almost always surrounded by others, like actors, directors, set designers, and makeup artists.  Because they are constantly working with other individuals, it is essential that they have great communication skills and can be a team player.  The better they work with others, the better their reputation will be in the movie-making industry.

Neutral in Appearance

Stunt drivers are expected to play many different doubles, and those that are neutral in appearance have the upper hand over those with specific qualities in their appearance.  To book more gigs, you want to avoid doing anything drastic with your hair or physical appearance.  Let the professionals make those changes once you are already on set.

Calm and Collected

Stunt drivers deal with some difficult working conditions, and they may have to also perform their stunts many times before the shot is done right.  Because of this, they need to be able to stay cool on set.  Being calm and collected gives them the opportunity to stay focused on the task at hand until it is done perfectly.


It is also possible that you may need to perform stunts that are physical demanding.  As a stunt driver, you likely do not have many of these, but you may have more stunts that play on your mental stamina.  To stay active and engaged until they capture the perfect shot, you need to have resilience.  You need to be able to roll with any changes that can be made at the last second, because this will happen often on set.

These are a few characteristics that many stunt drivers possess that makes them great for their line of work.  When you are constantly working behind-the-scenes on physically demanding tasks, you need to stay focused and possess many qualities to keep your cool.  If you are looking for skilled stunt drivers, contact Precision Drivers of Atlanta to hear about our drivers’ qualifications today.

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