Five Characteristics of Great Stunt Drivers

Five Characteristics of Great Stunt Drivers

Five Characteristics of Great Stunt Drivers

Stunt drivers do more than the fancy stunts, rolls, and chases you see in action films.  They also perform many repetitive scenes that require precise driving until the shot is successful.  This may be the focus of the scene or the background details.  Many stunt drivers are capable of being consistent and focused on their job so that you do not need to worry about coaching them through their part.  These are some of the important characteristics that great stunt drivers possess.

Team Player

Stunt drivers must be able to work together with the entire team.  There are constantly people fixing different elements on set, from costumes to lighting to rigging to camera angles.  Since they rarely work alone, they need to be able to work politely and quickly with the entire group.  Those who do not possess skills of working together will likely not be hired back.


Being detail-oriented is one of the best traits of stunt drivers.  The more they pay attention to entire scene, the more realistic, successful, and precise everything will be.  Because there are many moving parts to each scene in film, they need to have awareness of even the smallest details.  This will help to ensure that nothing goes wrong in that shot, which will help you get the successful shot sooner.


Stunt drivers should possess skills that showcase operation of different types of vehicles.  They may be instructed to operate cars, motorcycles, snowmobiles, or other motorized vehicles.  By having the knowledge of many different vehicles, stunt drivers will be able to book more gigs and be more helpful to that film.


Consistency in the film industry is essential in making sure that the shots are done correctly and timely.  Because a stunt driver will likely be required to perform the same driving task over-and-over again, they need to be able to perform with consistency.  This consistency will allow them to have precision with each task, whether it be a dangerous stunt or an act of driving precisely in the background.

Calm and Relaxed

Stunt drivers may be instructed to perform dangerous tasks, like rolls or jumps, without batting an eye.  Despite the technicality and danger that these stunts entail, stunt drivers need to be able to keep their cool, stay calm, and be relaxed.  This allows the directors to showcase the reality of the shot without having to edit the emotions of a stunt driver.  Also, those who are calmer and more relaxed on set are able to provide the best shots.
These are just a few of the characteristics that stunt drivers must possess when they want to work in the film industry.  The more time that stunt drivers dedicate to their practice, the more gigs they will book.  Contact Precision Drivers of Atlanta if you are looking for quality stunt drivers for your next film project today.