Five Benefits of Working with a Stunt Driver for Your Movie

Five Benefits of Working with a Stunt Driver for Your Movie

Five Benefits of Working with a Stunt Driver for Your Movie

Films that involve technical driving stunts, fancy car chases or rides, or even just close-up driving scenes need to have driving experts working behind the scenes so they can get the right shot.  These scenes need to be realistic and accurate.  Stunt drivers are the professionals that you need to trust when you are filming any type of car scene for your movie, film, commercial, or other production.  These professionals have the awareness to make sure that the job is done safely, realistically, and efficiently.  These are some of the benefits of working with a stunt driver when making your movie.

Awareness of the Physical Aspect of the Job

Driving, whether you are performing stunts or precise driving tasks, requires awareness to the physical aspect of the job.  This means that they can perform the job quickly, stay composed, and repeat the stunt as many times as needed.  This can become a physically demanding job when the scene needs to be filmed many times.  It requires coordination and endurance.

Ability to Use Insured Vehicles

Some vehicles have insurance that requires an expert driver to operate.  This means that you cannot rely on movie stars with untrained experience to drive them for your film.  Instead, you will want to rely on stunt drivers to operate these types of vehicles.  When you need to operate a specific vehicle, you will want to check on their insurance.

Affordable Compared to Movie Stars

Movie stars are expensive.  Their salaries are much higher than many other staff members on your payroll.  To save yourself some money, you should consider hiring stunt drivers, as they are much more affordable.  It also difficult to ensure that certain movie stars will be available to do certain driving stunts, anyways.  

Expertise for Quick Shots

Many actors do not possess the skills that stunt drivers to when it comes to operating vehicles and performing accurate stunts or driving tasks.  Because of this, you want a professional stunt driver to provide you with their expert opinions on how to perform, set up, and film the stunt.  Experienced stunt drivers can tell you about the right angles, the right timing, and the right lighting that you need.

Consistency Between Shots

Stunt drivers can remain in the same position in between shots, which can make it much easier to avoid discrepancies.  When you notice any discrepancies, you will want to reshoot the same scene over again.  This can be both expensive and time-consuming.  Stunt drivers have the consistency to make your film shoot much more efficient.

These are a few of the benefits of choosing to work with stunt drivers on your movies.  When you want to create the perfect driving scene, race, or stunt, you will want to trust the expertise and knowledge that a stunt driver has to offer.  Contact Precision Drivers of Atlanta to hear about our stunt drivers for your next film today.