A Look at the Best Stunt Drivers in History

A Look at the Best Stunt Drivers in History

A Look at the Best Stunt Drivers in History

Throughout history, people have done some amazing, stupid, and amazingly stupid stuff to put on a good show. Some have risen above others in recognition, and their names have been chiseled into history. Little is known about what it takes to be a stunt driver. It is more than being a good wheelman/woman. In fact, it takes nerves of steel, and a knowledge of some technical aspects. You must be precise and quick to react. With the rise of certain stunt drivers, they have made their name off some jaw-dropping stunts that are just fantastic.   These are just a few of the most noteworthy stunt drivers and what they are best known for in history.

Kitty O'Neil

Proven time and time again, anything a man can do a woman can do just as good. In the case of Kitty, she did it better, and is still considered one of the best. She was actually known for her work on television shows such as Wonder Woman. She was more than that, she was a daredevil who was multi-talented. However, her more famous stunts involve breaking land speed records, and exceeding 510 mph in 1976.

Eddie Kidd

Almost every James Bond fan has heard of Eddie Kidd (Stunt Double). Not only did he break the record for most lines of buses jumped, but he also still holds it today. He also has an amazing reputation for being a motorcycle stunt driver. His career was unfortunately put to an end in 1996 due to a brain injury after a stunt went wrong.

Evel Knievel

This is a name that almost everyone has heard of. He is known for the insane jumps and stunts he managed to pull off both off and on the big screen. His fame took him to the Motorcycle Hall of Fame, following his reach for success and global recognition.

Travis Pastrana

In 2010, Pastrana broke the world record for longest rally car jump. As his greatest feat, he took the car up to 269 feet high at 91 mph. He jumped over the Rainbow Harbor, and it will not be soon forgotten that he did it.

Ken Block

Rising to fame via the internet with videos showcasing his various stunts while driving, Ken Block is best known to perform his stunts in his Ford Mustang around LA. His videos have millions of views, and showcase tire-smoking stunts, rally-jumping, showmanship, and precision drifts.

There are so many more stunt drivers that have risen to fame and broken many records that have astounded the world and left them amazed. Not every actor is able to do their own stunts, so these men and women who risk their lives for our entertainment deserve some recognition. The ones that bet it all for that ultimate stunt are truly underrated.