Why Stunt Drivers are Important

Why Stunt Drivers are Important

Why Stunt Drivers are Important

Many films rely on the expertise and refined skills of stunt doubles and drivers to take care of the highly technical parts of scene.  Many actors step back and allow these professionals to do their job, as it is not always their area of expertise.  Directors want scenes involving car chases, fancy car stunts, and action shots to be as realistic as possible, which is only possible with the assistance of stunt drivers.  There are many reasons why stunt drivers are used instead of the main actors to make a film what it becomes.

Stunt Drivers are Affordable

Highly acclaimed and popular actors can cost a lot of money to keep on set all day.  Instead of asking them to wait around while directors work on a highly technical scene, it is much more cost-effective to hire a stunt driver for this role.  Stunt drivers have the patience and knowledge to help the director create the vision for the car chase, car accident, or other car-related action that they are looking to capture.  They typically do this in the fraction of time that it would take another actor without the same skill set.

Stunt Drivers have Advanced Driving Skills

These professionals have an advanced understanding of cars and their movements, making them the perfect people to hire for car scenes.  They are aware of how to perform many stunts that are common in the movies, including those involving split-second timing and extreme physical demands.  They have the awareness of how to hit a ramp at a certain speed, achieve the right angle in a mock accident, and drive through narrow streets in a car chase.

Stunt Drivers Have Less Risk

Because these professionals are aware of how to keep themselves safe when performing driving stunts, they require less insurance coverage for the movie.  If a main actor were to perform their own driving stunts, the insurance would be much more expensive.  Also, many insurance policies that actors purchase while they work actually prohibit them from performing certain stunts.

Stunt Drivers Have the Expertise

In many cases, a director will consult with a stunt driver to ask them about technicalities related to car scenes.  These professionals have the expertise that is used to lead the scene the right direction.   This helps to produce a scene that appears much more realistic, because stunt drivers have the attention to all the technical maneuvers and skills required to make that possible.

These are a few reasons why directors choose to use professional stunt drivers instead of the main actors when they are filming car scenes.  Sometimes, it ends up being these scenes that audience remembers most.  The attention to detail, technical skills, and specific maneuvers are what a director wants when they hire stunt drivers to work on their films.  Contact us to hear about the qualities that our professional stunt drivers possess today.