What Happens to Movie Props After They Are Done Shooting?

What Happens to Movie Props After They Are Done Shooting?

What Happens to Movie Props After They Are Done Shooting?

Everyone remembers the ruby slippers in The Wizard of Oz and the volleyball named Wilson from Cast Away.  These movie props have stood the test of time and are easily recognizable for fans, movie buffs, and even the everyday person.  Many people may not know that there are prop managers on every movie set that assist in making these decisions, which sometimes end up being more memorable than the movie itself.  However, you may find yourself wondering, what happens to these movie props after the filming is complete?  Where do they go?  Let's take a look at what happens to some of the most popular movie props after filming wraps.


Many movie props will be auctioned off at various events, especially those for charitable causes.  Many private collectors enjoy adding new and famous props to their collection, and most of them pay top dollar for these items.  For example, Jack Nicholson's Joker suit sold for an astounding $12,955 at an auction.  You can also search for some lesser known props on auction websites, like eBay.

Studio Warehouses

Studios will keep many movie props in their warehouses in case they plan to make movie sequels or reuse these props in other movies or shows.  Every major film studio, including Disney, Warner Bros, and Paramount, have their own warehouses where many different props and movie sets are stored.  This also doubles as a place that many people enjoy touring when they visit Hollywood.


Many museums all around the world become the home to some movie props and displays.  This gives the public a chance to check out different movie memorabilia that has become immortalized over time.  You can even find museums that showcase specific movies, like the Gone with the Wind Museum in Georgia and the It's a Wonderful Life Museum in New York.  

Cast and Crew

Sometimes, the cast and crew of a film will take home movie props that have had a special meaning to them.  Although most movie props do not end up in the hands of an actor as often as we may think they do, it is still possible.  For example, Daniel Radcliffe kept at least two pairs of his iconic eyeglasses that he wore in the Harry Potter series.  Sometimes actors attempt to take a home a movie prop only to be stopped and asked to return it before they even leave the set.

These are some of places that movie props end up after a movie is done shooting.  Movie props can sometimes reappear in other movies, and they can also be immortalized in museums for many people to view.  Props are essential to making a movie what it becomes, and we have the best props for your filming needs.