Three Responsibilities of a Prop Master in the Film Industry

Three Responsibilities of a Prop Master in the Film Industry

Three Responsibilities of a Prop Master in the Film Industry

When it comes to creating authenticity on the screen, there are many people working behind-the-scenes to maintain awareness to all details.  When one thing goes awry, this could mess up an entire scene, which can then compromise the authenticity of the entire film.  Even though the job of a prop master may seem insignificant, it is truly critical to the success and overall feeling of the film.  Movie props are not lightly chosen, and finding the right movie props can be a challenge.  There are many roles of a prop master working behind-the-scenes in the film industry.

They Often Work on a Limited Budget

Prop professionals and masters are given specific instructions to find details and props that match the intended purpose and feeling of the film.  Many of them also need to find these props while working under a limited budget, which can require some crafty thinking.  Many prop masters are known as jacks-of-all-trades, who can find creative solutions for many different details in the film.   Once they locate the right props, it is up to them to keep it safe from damage or from being misplaced.

They Are Efficient Shoppers

Once the prop master is given a task to find a particular prop, they can spend many hours trying to find the perfect props.  This requires them to also be savvy with shopping.  Other times, it may require them to be aware of companies that offer prop rentals or big box stores, especially when they are in need of specific costumes in bulk.  They are truly trained to find the diamond in the rough so that their film will stand out because of their prop choices.

They Need to Buy Multiple

Once prop masters finally locate the perfect prop that fits the film, they must buy multiples.  This helps to ensure that the prop will always be available to them throughout the entire filming process.  Accidents can happen on the set of a film, and this could involve breaking, losing, or damaging the prop itself.  If Luke Skywalker's lightsaber was damaged during filming and they didn't find a replacement, it would look exceptionally strange throughout the rest of the movie.  The integrity of the props cannot be compromised, so it is best to make sure there are multiple on hand.

These are just a few of the responsibilities of a prop master to help to create authenticity in choosing the right props and details for a film.  These decisions cannot be made lightly, as many people will remember the details after they watch a film.  Often times, props from successful movies or franchises become toys or collectibles, which puts even more importance on the prop master's shoulders.  Contact us today if you are looking for movie props to help your film stay authentic and true.  


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