Let's Take a Look Behind the Scenes of Filmmaking

Let's Take a Look Behind the Scenes of Filmmaking

Let's Take a Look Behind the Scenes of Filmmaking

When you are watching your favorite movie on the big screen, you may find yourself asking what it's like behind the scenes.  What exactly does it take to make a film come to life?  There are many aspects of creating a film, and most of them are things people wouldn't expect.  Working behind the scenes of a film is an exhilarating experience full of excitement, but it is also much more of a technical process.  There are many experts working together to create a cohesive film.  For example, there are actors, stunt drivers, technicians, lighting experts, and much more.  All of these people work together to create the film you enjoy.  Here's a look at what goes on behind the scenes in the filmmaking industry.

Background Actors Do Not Make Noise

Whenever extras are filmed in their scene, they are actually not talking.  They are trained to appear as though they are laughing, talking, or enjoying a conversation with others, but they are actually completely silent.  Their job is to make a scene appear more realistic despite the fact that they do not actually make noise.  Whenever scenes are filmed, powerful microphones are required to capture the clear speech of the main actors instead.

Not All Scenes Are Used

It may be common to see outtakes and deleted scenes when you are researching to learn about a movie.  Many directors actually shoot a lot more footage than they use in production.  This helps them have many choices of similar scenes to determine what makes the cut during the editing process.  Often times, there are scenes that are cut or added at the last minute to create the vision they want.

No One Actually Eats

When you watch TV or movies, you have surely noticed that characters spend much of their time eating.  During these scenes, the actors are actually pretending to eat, not actually ingesting any of the foods they appear to be eating on screen.  If they were to actually eat, they would be extremely stuffed after multiple takes of the same shot.

Stunt Drivers Teach Actors

This may be surprising to know but stunt drivers actually help the main actors make driving scenes look more realistic.  Of course they serve their roles during high impact driving stunts, but they also advise the actors on the proper techniques during their takes as well.  By assisting the actors, they are able to use their expertise to create a more cohesive and authentic driving scene.

These are a few surprising facts from those working behind the scenes in the film industry.  Because there are many moving parts to creating a film, the process requires much organization and team effort.  Many people work together to accomplish the goal of making a great film that is both authentic and thrilling.  Stunt drivers are critical part of this process.  If you are looking for experienced, quality stunt drivers for your next film, contact us to hear about our list of professionals.