How You Can Become a Stunt Driver

How You Can Become a Stunt Driver

How You Can Become a Stunt Driver

Have you always dreamed of becoming a stunt driver in the film industry?  When you watch car chases and stunts on TV, do you envision yourself as the driver?  If you have a dream of becoming a stunt driver, you can take these few steps to make that dream become a reality.  There are a few things you need to do to become a professional stunt driver.

Take a Stunt Driving Class

Before you become a stunt driver, you will need to learn all the techniques, stunts, and technical driving skills that it takes to excel at your job.  Stunt driving classes are offered by many professionals that have experience.  These classes can teach you tricks, skills, and tips that you wouldn't be able to learn on your own.  It is a great way to learn a new set of skills that can bolster your resume.

Find an Agent

If you are looking to connect with many film producers, talent recruiters, directors, and other professionals in the film industry, you should hire an agent.  These professionals will have many connections that they can hook you up with, but you'll want to find the right one for your needs.  

Work as an Extra on Film Sets

This may seem like a strange step, as it is not related to stunt driving.  However, when you work as an extra on film sets, you set yourself apart from the competition that doesn't have any experience working behind-the-scenes of films.  It is a great way to enhance your resume and also make connections with those in the film industry.  Someone is more likely to give the job to an individual with knowledge of the film industry than to someone without it.

Register with the Professional Driving Association

The Professional Driving Association is a great union to be involved with; as it can help you network and connect with individuals that are looking specifically to hire stunt drivers. When you join the PDA, you will need to pay dues and attend meetings, but these meetings will deepen your understanding of the industry.  

Send Your Resume

You likely won't get the job unless you send out your resume to potential directors, casting directors, and producers in film.  Be sure that you diversify your talents and your stunt driving skills so that you stand out from the competition.  You want to show that you can drive many different vehicles, perform a range of stunts, and drive at high speeds.

These are a few steps you can take so that you can become a professional stunt driver.  Although the career may seem like an exciting one, it may take a while to become an established and well-known stunt driver.  However, it is possible.  Contact us if you are looking for professional stunt drivers and picture cars for your film today.