Four Popular Car Stunts You See in the Movies

Four Popular Car Stunts You See in the Movies

Four Popular Car Stunts You See in the Movies

Have you ever wondered about how stunt drivers pull off some of those thrilling car chases, jumps, or moves?  These moves are certainly not what you see when you are driving on the roads, which is what makes these stunts thrilling and exciting to watch on the big screen.  Action movies are often known to have a great car stunt or two.  Stunt drivers are trained individuals that understand the ins and outs of driving and have mastered many different driving styles, stunts, and techniques.  There are a few popular car stunts that you likely have seen in many action movies.

Driving on Two Wheels

This stunt is more commonly known as skiing.  It is when the driver will drive on the two wheels on the passenger side of the car for a length of time.  This requires a lot of precision driving, as it is difficult to remain balanced on these two wheels as you still continue to drive forward.  In the movies, ramps are typically used to get the driver started at the right angle.  They will then need to focus on maintaining their balance during the shot.

Reverse 180

This move, which was made famous by character Jim Rockford in his self-titled TV show in the '70s, involves spinning the car 180 degrees while driving at full speed.  After the turn is completed, the car will then typically speed off into the distance.  This allows the driver to make a dramatic exit from the screen, which viewers love.

Handbrake Turn

The handbrake turn, or the bootlegger's turn, is when the car is turned in a very tight circle so that the driver can then go in the opposite direction without needing much space to turn.  The driver will use the handbrake to accomplish this.  We may also see this technique used in dramatic parallel parking scenes, as there are is a level of precision driving necessary to pull off this move.


Learning how to drift is one of the most essential stunts that most stunt drivers will need to master.  This involves drifting the car to either the left or the right.  It is often a stunt that is used in many car chases.  Drifting is also known as oversteering, and it is used in many movies with stunt drivers.

These are just a few of the many popular car stunts that you have seen stunt drivers pull off in many action movies.  From crazy jumps to riding on two wheels to flying through the air and landing perfectly, stunts truly keep us on the edge of our seats.  Stunt drivers have learned many technical skills to make these driving techniques come to life on the big screen.  Contact us to hear more about our qualified and experienced stunt drivers today.