Four Iconic Movie Props that We All Know and Love

Four Iconic Movie Props that We All Know and Love

Four Iconic Movie Props that We All Know and Love

Have you ever watched a movie just because it was a cult-classic?  Do you own any memorabilia that was recreated from your favorite TV shows, movies, and cartoons?  Some movie props are timeless and live on in the minds of many of the fans for years to follow, even if the shows are long over and the movies are many years old.  When you choose the right props for a film, it can make a large impact and become a symbol for that film for the fans.  Let's take a look at some of the most iconic movie props that fans still rave about today.

The Handbook for the Recently Deceased

Beetlejuice, 1988

Anyone who has seen Beetlejuice knows all about The Handbook for the Recently Deceased.  Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis' characters, which are not-so-surprisingly recently deceased, receive this handbook to guide them through their new normal.  Even though this book is only referenced a few times in the film, it has become an iconic prop that many Beetlejuice lovers enjoy.

Rosemary's Necklace

Rosemary's Baby, 1968

In this 1968 film, the character of Mia Farrow receives a pendant necklace that once belonged to another young girl who killed herself.  It also smells horrible.  This iconic necklace also spices up the plot of the movie, as it is believed to be cursed and creates some interesting plot elements in the movie that will make you think twice about putting on another necklace again.  However creepy it may be, this prop makes the movie what it is.

The "We are the People" Button

Taxi Driver, 1976

In Martin Scorsese's New York classic film, Taxi Driver, his main character, played by Robert de Niro, wears a "We are the People" button on his jacket.  This button has become iconic, and it is even capable of being purchased online if you are a die-hard fan of the film.

Wilson the Volleyball

Cast Away, 2000

When the character portrayed by actor Tom Hanks gets stuck on a deserted island, he begins to fantasize and humanize his only friend, a volleyball named Wilson.  This volleyball has a red face on it, and it becomes a symbol of true isolation that represents the mental state Hanks' character is currently faced with.  This iconic prop immediately became popular after the film.

These are some of the most iconic movie props that many people can recognize and name in an instant.  Choosing movie props can be difficult, as many prop managers have the change to create symbol and an icon that will represent that movie for many years to come.  If you are looking for quality props for your film production, contact us to hear how we can help you find what you are looking for today.