Five Famous Stunt Drivers

Five Famous Stunt Drivers

Five Famous Stunt Drivers

The film industry is famous for making blockbuster scenes appear larger-than-life and realistic, even though they are actually far from real.  This is especially true in action flicks with driving stunts.  Often times, actors will not perform their own stunts, as they can be dangerous and very technical.  This requires the use of talented stunt drivers.  Over time, certain stunt drivers have created some fantastic, jaw-dropping stunts that have stood the test of time and catapulted their careers and fame.

Evel Knievel

Whenever people hear the name Evel Knievel, they almost immediately think of a top daredevil.  His name has become synonymous with the crazy stunts and jumps that he has pulled off both on and off screen.  Knievel was so talented that he was even inducted into the Motorcycle Hall of Fame after he reached global recognition and success.

Eddie Kidd

This name may be recognizable, most notably for his work as a stunt double for many James Bond actors over the year.  Eddie Kidd actually holds the world record for jumping over the most lines of buses.  His reputation as one of the best motorcycle stunt drivers precedes him.  He was tragically injured in a stunt, which led to serious brain injury and ended his stunt driving career in 1996.  

Kitty O'Neil

This stunt driver is actually a woman who rose to fame during her work on TV shows like Wonder Woman.  O'Neil was a multi-talented daredevil who also performed a wide array of driving stunts for shows and even broke land speed records.  She actually exceeded 512 mph in 1976.  Her reputation as one of the greatest women stunt drivers is still well-known today.

Ken Block

Block rose to fame with his Internet videos showcasing his driving stunts.  Among those videos are his extremely popular tire-smoking stunts, precision drifts, rally-jumping, and showmanship.  His driving stunts mostly take place in his Ford Mustang in and around LA.  He has become such a popular stunt driver that his series of videos have millions of views.

Travis Pastrana

As a stunt driver in motocross and rally racing, Pastrana has actually broken the world record for the longest jump in a rally car in 2010.  He jumped his car 269 feet high while driving 91 mph over Rainbow Harbor, and he also managed to land successfully.  This was his greatest feat that will be remembered by many for years to come.

These are just a few of the major stunt drivers that have become famous for their work on the big screen.  Stunt drivers require awareness to each and every detail and technicality in order to make the scene as realistic as possible.  These are often dangerous, which is typically why directors bring in stunt drivers to perform these jobs.  If you are in need to quality and experienced stunt drivers, contact us today to hear about our selections.