A Few Examples of Great Movie Props in Film

A Few Examples of Great Movie Props in Film

A Few Examples of Great Movie Props in Film

When we think of some of the more iconic franchises and movies throughout the history of film, almost everyone can name props that stand out in our mind.  These props were not chosen lightly, as many people had to come to agreement on the involvement and exact details regarding those props.  Many of us may even collect replicas of those props simply because we are truly big fans.  Let's take a look at some of the greatest movie props of all time.

Dorothy's Ruby Slippers
The Wizard of Oz

A pair of shoes may seem like a simple concept, but the ruby red slippers on the feet of the main character of Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz have become symbols of hope for many.  In the film, these shoes helped Dorothy navigate through the Oz.  They gave her the magical power to transfer herself back to her hometown of Kansas simply by clicking them together three times.  These shoes remain a symbol of hope and stand as her trademark to this day.

The Game Board

After watching the movie Jumanji, many people remember the game board that keeps the film quite literally alive.  As Robin Williams as the main character, this action-packed thriller alerts people to the dangers of playing a game that comes to life.  Many of the characters in the movie can be seen carrying around the game board.  In reality, there were actually many game boards, some made of foam, to keep it from becoming damaged and giving it a real, authentic look.

Reese's Pieces
E.T. the Extra-Terrestial

Even though pieces of candy may not seem like a movie prop, the Reese's Pieces will always be remembered as the candy that gets E.T. into their house.  At the time, the director Steven Spielberg chose to use Reese's Pieces in a deal to help advertise for the new type of candy.  This would go on to have great success for both the movie and the candy, as both as still widely loved today.

The Cup of Water
Jurassic Park

In another popular Steven Spielberg movie, Jurassic Park, the iconic cup of water creates panic and terror with such a simple motion.  This was inspired when Spielberg was sitting in his car and looking at his mirror shaking as his engine vibrated.  He knew that he needed to create that same motion to arise terror in his audience by using a cup of water.  This is such a simple yet thrilling moment in the stellar and wildly popular dinosaur flick.

These are some of the more iconic and greatest movie props that have grazed the Hollywood screen and became memorialized in time.  As fans, we have the ability to collect figurines, statues, and replicas of those very props that remind us of our favorite films.  Many toy industries also capitalize on creating toys that resemble props from popular children's movies.  Movie props truly play an essential role in the film industry.  Contact us today if you are looking for quality movie props to help enhance or add authenticity to your film.


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