Will the Real Easy Rider Motorcycle Please Appear?

Will the Real Easy Rider Motorcycle Please Appear?

Will the Real Easy Rider Motorcycle Please Appear?

One of the most iconic motorcycles ever to appear on the big screen was the iconic stars-and-stripes motorcycle ridden by Peter Fonda in Easy Rider. Producers insist that there were four motorcycles used in the production. Two of the motorcycles had red-and-yellow flames painted on them, and Dennis Hopper rode them. The other two motorcycles had stars and stripes painted on them. Haggerty claims that he restored the bike that brought $1.35 million at an auction in 2014 at Profiles in History. He also claims that he sold another bike to a Texas investor. This is impossible because there is only one remaining bike, but it is not the only mystery surrounding this bike.

Trouble From the Beginning

Actor Peter Fonda says that the bike that sold at the Profiles in History auction was a fake, and he tried to put a stop to the item selling at auction. Fonda claimed that he purchased five bikes at a Los Angeles Police Auction. He says he hired people who were down on their luck to design the bikes that appeared in the movie.  

Cliff Vaughs, however, says that he and Ben Hardy built the motorcycles that are some of the most iconic in America. He claims that the only part that Fonda played was in some of the paint design details. Cliff says that the movie studio fired him after a chaotic chase scene during Mardi Gras in New Orleans.  Therefore, he never received the credit that he and Hardy deserved for constructing the bikes.

Production Ending

People stole three motorcycles from a Los Angeles-area warehouse before filming even ended. Some claim that the Hell’s Angels took the bikes to settle a debt. Regardless, experts believe that the motorcycles were cut up and sold for parts. The other bike was given to Dan Haggerty, who was a movie lot helper at the time. Haggerty claims to have rebuilt and sold the bike.  

Michael Eisenberg

Michael Eisenberg, a real estate tycoon and collector, claims that he purchased the bike from Haggerty. The Profiles in History auction owners had Haggerty say that he sold the motorcycle to Eisenberg. After the auction, Gordon Granger announced that he owned the only Captain America bike. The case went to court. Haggerty signed certificates that both bikes were authentic at different times in history.  

It is doubtful that we will ever know who owns the Captain America bike. By all accounts, all the person owns is a rebuilt frame because the rest of the bike was destroyed at the end of the movie. If you are looking for picture cars or motorcycles, however, you need to contact Precision Drivers of Atlantic. You can trust them to get the picture cars and motorcycles that you need without any hassles. You can also trust them to supply your set with other essentials plus provide experienced stunt drivers.


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