Will the Oscars Ever Include A Best Stunt Man Category?

Will the Oscars Ever Include A Best Stunt Man Category?

Will the Oscars Ever Include A Best Stunt Man Category?

Most action movies have the cars flipping, amazing acrobatics and intense action and you feel satisfied. You probably will be thinking it was your favorite actor who pulled the stunts but that's actually wrong. Those exciting stunts you watched were performed by stuntmen. A stunt man is someone who doubles for an actor to perform dangerous acts. Over the years, there has been an outcry by many on the injustice done by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and science. (AMPAS).

The Oscars naturally categorize awards for two basic kinds of achievement in film making; the creative and technical part. The creative part comprises design, performance, script writing while the technical comprises the sound effect, special effect, and editing. But there is never a category to award these set of people who make us gasp for breath.

Despite the safety measures stunt drivers take, they risk their life and sometimes damage their limbs. In extreme situations, they lose their life. It is very disheartening to put your blood and sweat into production to make it great and yet no single recognition for a job well done. When a stunt is done poorly it affects the sales and review of a film. But if it is executed properly, the movie is globally applauded and it becomes a blockbuster. This has led many people asking the question- Why are stuntmen not given Oscars?

Many people have been made to believe stuntmen get an award but are not televised, this is actually false. Every actor wants to be seen as the hero and don’t want any double to steal his or her spotlight. That's the of the major reason stuntmen are not recognized. Wouldn't It be lovely to see stuntmen get the accolades they deserve? This will certainly put a smile on their faces and serve as a means of motivation. Performing a stunt in a movie can thrill or kill and it is high time the Oscar birthed the “Best Stunts or Stuntman Category”. Have you ever imagined if stunt drivers were not available what will be that fate of fast and furious?

Regardless of the stubbornness of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and science on recognizing stuntmen, there can be a change of heart if actors speak on their behalf. The best movies we remember and talk about today wouldn't have happened if not of these brave and intelligent people. Being among the A-list of stunt drivers can takes years of hard work and practice. The life of stunts drivers is no child play as it can take them hours or sometimes days to get the perfect shot. While some actors like Jackie Chan perform their stunt on the own, the one who needs the help of Stunt men needs to start speaking with the top cheese in charge of the Oscars to at least give them the fame they deserve.

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