What Does It Take to Become a Stunt Driver?

What Does It Take to Become a Stunt Driver?

What Does It Take to Become a Stunt Driver?

When you watch an action movie, it is almost guaranteed that you'll see a fancy car chase, dramatic explosion, or epic fight scene.  These components of a typical action movie often require the use of a stunt driver at some point.  A stunt driver is a trained professional who is an expert in driving techniques under many unique circumstances.  Our stunt drivers help to make these car chases look like real life events.  Even though their job is to make it look easy, there are a few qualities that a stunt driver must possess in order to make it to the big movies.


Most of our stunt drivers have a very competitive spirit.  This is what drives them to get to the top of their game and it pushes them to tackle larger projects like major motion pictures.  Because they will likely be surrounded by other incredibly talented individuals when working in this field, they must be able to confidently rise to the challenges of the industry.  This requires a competitive edge in order to be successful.


Stunt drivers and stuntmen are typically trained in physical aspects as well as technical ones.  They must be athletic in their build so that they can maneuver in small spaces, bend awkwardly for certain poses, and be flexible to perform any action at the drop of a hat.  Stunt drivers who have athletic training backgrounds tend to also be more structured and regimented in their practices, which ultimately leads to more success during their driving stunts.

Attention to Detail

In order to successfully play out a car chase or intense driving scene, stunt drivers must have awareness to every single little detail required to make the scene appear real.  They know exactly how to position their hands and body so that they can properly depict that character's motivation and intention.  Stunt drivers also know how to pose during less intense driving scenes as well, such as the scene of an accident or even stand-still traffic.  Our stunt drivers are prepared for it all.


Because of the competitive nature of the film industry, stunt drivers must showcase perseverance if they want to be successful in the big movies.  When our stunt drivers audition for roles, they will likely hear more rejections before they start to hear that they've got the job.  This is nature of the film industry, and it requires tough skin.  With additional trainings and perseverance to continue growing, stunt drivers are more likely to succeed.

There are a few qualities that set great stunt drivers apart from the rest.  These individuals are experts in their field, and they provide quality acting services to simulate any type of driving situation you are looking to create.  If you are looking for stunt drivers for your videos, commercials, TV show, or movie, contact us today to hear about our preferred and skilled drivers.  


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