Top female stunt drivers in Hollywood

Top female stunt drivers in Hollywood

Top female stunt drivers in Hollywood

There are always thrills attached to the actions of stunt drivers. Watching a car tumble or land safely on a yacht in one impossible flip is exciting, to say that least. Males dominate the precision driving industry. However, some females have set out to break the stereotype and stand out. A significant number of them have had successful careers as stunt drivers in Hollywood. Here's a list of the top female stunt drivers Hollywood has known so far:

Debbie Evans

This is the woman behind the breathtaking action scenes in The Fast and the Furious and a couple of other action thrillers too. Her first stunt driving gig was on Death Sport which was filmed in California in the late 70s. Over the years, Debbie has put herself under the spotlight by waiving off claims that her obsessions tipped her off as a tomboy.

Jeannie Epper

Jeannie is another exceptional female stunt driver. A few of her top gigs include Hot Pursuit and True Lies. The Amazing Spider-Man also had her on its cast. The 5-feet-8 blonde now works mostly as a stunt coordinator for commercials and stage acts.

Annie Ellis

Here is another proof that females are as good as males in precision driving and stunts. Furious 7, Asylum, R.I.P.D, Taken 3 and Daredevil are some of the movies she has to her credits with the role of a stunt performer.

Donna Evans

You're probably looking for the relationship between Donna and Debbie Evans. Well, they are sisters, and one might think the stunt instincts run in the blood. In Fate of the Furious, The Avengers and Foolproof, she doubled as a stunt actress. Donna is also part of the Ride Along 2 movie project as a stunt driver.

Zoë Bell

Bell's most significant appearances include Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill which attracted two awards to her shelf. She also starred in the 2007 classic Grindhouse. The New Zealand stunt double and actress has made a name for herself through her unparalleled dedication, skills, and focus.

Tracy Danshaw


Tracy's role in Fast and Furious and The Hateful Eight cannot be overlooked. Her artistic contributions to these movies as a stunt performer and stunt driver are impressive too. The chances are that you've spotted her on a few Honda and Pontiac commercials because she has been on plenty.

Lori Seaman

Lori first started out as a car racer before attempting stunt driving for a couple of movie episodes in 1985. She doubled for Melissa McCarthy in Identity Thief. We can't waive off the fact that she's married to a professional stuntman too.

Olivia Summers

Olivia Summers is one of Hollywood’s top female stunt drivers conquering the male-dominated world of precision and stunt driving. She grew up racing snowmobiles and jet skis, and that helped build her quick reflexes. Some of her high-profile acting roles include those in movies like Back by Midnight and Bridesmaid.

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