The Guns of John Wayne

The Guns of John Wayne

The Guns of John Wayne

If you are an old-time movie fan, then you have probably watched John Wayne in many old movies. The actor appeared in more than 250 movies, and there were plenty of guns used in most of them. Some of these movie props are almost as iconic as the actor using them.


Released in 1939, John Wayne’s first monumental role was in Stagecoach. The movie was set in Monumental Valley during the 1880s. During that film, Wayne is seen shooting a Winchester1892 Saddle Ring Carbine. If the story was true, however, Wayne could not have used this film because it was not released yet. Wayne used the same type of gun with its large loop in many other movies, including The Shepherd of the Hills, Red River, The Magnificent Seven, and many others.  


While John Wayne used the Winchester 1892 Saddle Ring Carbine in some scenes in Hondo, he used a Single Action Army Revolver in many other scenes. He also used the same style of gun in other movies, including Red River, McClintock, War Wagon, and The Searchers. If you look closely in these films, the stock has a walnut stock, which the actor was partial to shooting. In other movies, like Angel and the Badman, the gun had a standard black stock. Regardless, Colt made of all of these guns.

War Wagon

Many people associate the Big Duke with a .45 Colt caliber Peacemaker with a yellow-ivory stock and shallow finger grooves. This gun, however, did not appear until Wayne played in War Wagon. Directors released that movie in 1967. He liked the gun so much that he talked the studio’s movie prop department into giving the weapon to him. Then, he took it home and hand-dyed the stock himself by dipping it in tea.  

The Shootist

In all but one of the 250 films that John Wayne appeared in, he used rough-and-tough guns. Then, he decided to star in The Shootist. In that movie, he used his personal presentation-grade replica revolvers. These movie props that resembled a Colt SAA revolver were a gift to The Duke by The Great Western Arms Company many years before appearing in the film. Before using them in the movie where he portrays an aging cancer-stricken professional arms dealer, he dipped the stocks in tea to give them an aged appearance.  

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