The Car You Drive Says A Lot About You

The Car You Drive Says A Lot About You

The Car You Drive Says A Lot About You

It is the second nature of many people to make a quick judgement about a person based on the kind of car they drive, the car brand as well as the colour they use. Basically, cars are meant for just driving but it’s now an unfading trend for the society to equal a person status with their ride owing to the fact that many now consider it a status symbol. If you are in doubt, rent a luxurious car for just a day and take a ride with it to work or the park. You will be amazed at the reactions of your colleagues at work or the people in the park.

Types Of Car

  • Minivans

    The society perceives minivans just for families who love partaking in sports activities and social gathering. A man or woman who step out of a minivan, is often times tagged as a mum or dad with three to more kids.

  • Pickup trucks

    Drive one this monster, and people will assume you are one hell of a tough man or woman. If you want to look tough, driving a pickup truck works just like magic.

  • Luxury cars

    If you are the kind of person who drive luxurious cars, many people will assume you are living on the easy and you're snobby. Over the years, Hollywood via the use of picture cars have been guilty of perpetuating the stereotype that people who drive luxurious cars are business tycoons in a snazzy suit or some playboy.

Brands Of Car

  • Toyota

    Toyota is one of the leading car brands in the world. If you ride around town in a Toyota brand of car, people assume you are gentle and safety conscious.

  • Cadillac

    Cadillacs are made for people who want superior quality and many assume the drivers to be classy, fashionable and rich. Recently, Cadillacs are now being a popular choice for picture cars among filmmakers.

  • BMW

    Snooby and reckless are the assumptions BMW drivers get. According to a 2013 survey, people who drive BMW are the number one worst offenders for disobeying traffic laws and parking violations.

  • Ford

    You are bold and trust worthy - these are what popular opinion says about people who drive Ford-branded cars.

Colour Of Car

  • White

    If you want to appear gentle, white is the perfect choice. Generally, white is colour that connote peace so when you paint your car white, you give the impression of a loving and caring person. Good as it sounds get your mind ready for a constant clean up if you chose this colour.

  • Blue

    Choosing this colour give others the impression you are calm, confident and easygoing.

  • Green

    Not many people’s favourite colour, green is selective and only blend well with some type of cars. Driving a car that is painted green, makes the public see you as a very ambitious and rebellious person. Green generally means fresh but it is one of the least used color for picture cars.

  • Black

    Unarguably the most used color of picture cars and everyday cars alike, black gives the impression you are matured, sophisticated and you value integrity. Black is the colour of many business men and women around the world.

Picture cars can help to tell a story when used properly in a movie. Call us today for a free consultation on picture cars for your movie production.

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