Surprising Facts about Stunt Drivers

Surprising Facts about Stunt Drivers

Surprising Facts about Stunt Drivers

Stunt performers in the film industry perform some of the more difficult and challenging parts of the scenes.  Their performance is arguably more important than some of the other roles the stars perform.  When the stunts are authentic and physically correct, they are more believable to the audience.  This is the main goal of any director, as they want to recreate scenes with as much authenticity as possible.  The role of stunt performers and stunt drivers is therefore extremely important to the success of a film.  There are a few surprising facts about stunt drivers in the film industry.

Their Income Varies Drastically

When stunt drivers first start out in the business, they earn virtually nothing.  This job requires experience before you start making money.  However, once you become an experienced stunt driver, you have the potential to earn a six-figure annual income.  

They Should Have Good Insurance

Deaths and accidents can occur in some of the more dangerous car chases and scenes.  For this reason, it is recommended that stunt drivers, especially those who book more dangerous gigs, have great insurance policies.  When you suffer an injury, you want to have peace of mind that you will be properly taken care of with the best medical treatment.

They Engage in Extensive Training

Successful stunt drivers engage in many courses to help them acquire the necessary driving awareness and overall skills needed for the career.  They learn skills such as drifting and off-road racing.  When stunt drivers are training, they will also practice in many different types of vehicles, such as cars, vans, motorcycles, and so forth.  Having extensive knowledge of how to operate many different types of vehicles is important for booking gigs.  Stunt courses are great ways to hone in on your performance driving skills and learn more about how you can enhance your driving abilities.

They Know A Lot About Cars

In order to be a successful stunt driver, you must be passionate about cars.  You should be able to identify many different makes and models of vehicles, and you will also likely be able to name many famous cars.  The best stunt drivers will also be able to rattle off facts about each make and model.  When they secure gigs, directors will expect them to know information about the car they are expected to drive.

These are just a few facts that may surprise you about the job of a stunt driver in the film industry.  Even though their role is critical to the authenticity of a film, TV show, or commercial, the experienced stunt drivers may be difficult to find.  However, the stunt drivers that stick with their job have the ability to become highly successful in their careers.  If you are looking for experienced stunt drivers, contact us today to hear about how we can help you.


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