Same Newspaper Used in Shows for Over 50 Years

Same Newspaper Used in Shows for Over 50 Years

Same Newspaper Used in Shows for Over 50 Years

Stop for a moment and think about the last time that you saw a character reading a newspaper in your favorite television show or movie. There is a substantial likelihood that producers did not just grab a copy of the latest edition of the Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, or USA Today. Instead, producers have used the same newspaper for over 50 years.

Where has the Newspaper Appeared?

The same newspaper has appeared in a vast array of different scenarios. The paper has appeared in at least one scene for the last 50 years. Diverse producers have chosen to show it on television, including those making Modern Family, Desperate Housewives, Married with Children, Scrubs and Dallas. The newspaper has appeared in numerous movies, including The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and No Country for Old Men. In fact, in the film No Country for Old Men, you can see two copies of this same newspaper when Tommy Lee Jones is reading the paper, and another copy of the newspaper is laying on the table.

How Do We Know?

Besides taking the word of the company that owns the newspaper, you can tell that it is the same newspaper because it contains the same lady’s picture and the headlines have not changed in 50 years. There is a headline about a compromise bill sent to the president, the United Nations discussing the Middle East, and record growth for the Silicon Valley.

How to Spot the Newspaper?

If you are watching your favorite movie or television show and a character is reading the newspaper, you may be wondering if it is the 50-year-old newspaper. One easy way to tell is to look for the photo of the black-haired white woman with her wavy hair.

Why Use the Same Newspaper?

The layout and stories in the newspaper belong to the publishing company that puts out the paper. The same newspaper is used repeatedly because the copyright belongs to a prop company instead. Therefore, when movie and television producers use it, they are not breaking any laws. It is also cheaper to change the front cover of the newspaper when necessary than to change the inside layout.

Who Made the Original Film Prop?

Earl Hays Press made the original newspaper. This Sun Valley, California, company specializes in hard-to-find items needed for movies and television shows. They have been in business for more than 100 years, and they specialize in making newspapers, magazines, license plates, and company packaging.

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