Prop rentals: The dos and don'ts

Prop rentals: The dos and don'ts

Prop rentals: The dos and don'ts

Over the years, properties (or props) have become prominent in movies. They are used to enhance the performance of the artists and spice up the description of their scripts. Props also make movies more real and relatable, and with a lot of authenticity also.

Prop rentals have basic structures that are less strict on your budget as opposed to collecting items that will ultimately sit in prop storages for years afterwards. Probably never to be used again.

After renting the props in Atlanta, there are factors to take into consideration to ensure their proper handling, so they are returned in good shape, and by the agreed time too.

Don't alter rented props

Owners, who will rent their props in Atlanta, definitely want them back the way they were originally lent out. If you know that the prop you want to rent will need some slight modifications to fit your set, it's necessary to talk to the owner beforehand. Repainting props or even putting tapes on furniture without permission is against common courtesy. Carry the owner of the props in Atlanta along whenever you need to alter anything.

Work with stage management

It is important for prop masters to work hand in hand with stage managers to note the conditions of the rented props and how to work around them.

Stage managers give on-site recommendations on how to use altered props and those that can't be altered. In situations where rented props in Atlanta can't be changed for some reasons, stage managers can suggest the best ways to utilize the props and highlight some certain actions that the pieces won't allow to minimize damage.

Take responsibility for the damages

During production, a certain amount of wear and tear is inevitable. Breakages and faults are bound to present themselves often and the reaction to the situation is very crucial. Most owners have procedures for handling problems like this and it'll be easier if you're honest with them.

Don't ignore the company's policies

Going through the rental company's policy on reservation of rented props in Atlanta and cancellation of rentals will help to manage surprises. You'll be paying for these items therefore ensuring you have a good grasp of the policies regulating the rental process is as important as handling the props well.

Keep rental period in mind

Apart from ensuring the proper handling of rented props in Atlanta, returning them in record time is also a good practice. The items will need to be cleaned and repacked before returning, so it's advisable to schedule the return with much time up front. If the items will be picked up by the rental company, there'll be need for you or a trusted person appointed by you to be present. This will ensure the return conditions are met and agreed upon before the props are returned. However, there shouldn't be a problem if you'll be delivering the props on your own.

Bear in mind that a successful rental experience opens a channel for more.

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