Movie Cars That Appear More Than Once

Movie Cars That Appear More Than Once

Movie Cars That Appear More Than Once

If you are watching your favorite movie and feel like you have seen the car before, then you may be right. Many cars appear in more than one film, even if they play an essential part of the storyline. Consider these examples of picture cars that have appeared in more than one movie.

1955 Chevrolet One-Fifty

While you might think you see a Bel Air in American Graffiti and Two-Lane Blacktop, you are watching a 1955 Chevrolet One-Fifty. You can tell if you look closely at the windshield because there is no steel around it. Two-Lane Blacktop used three of these cars with stunt drivers wrecking one during the filming. Universal Studios had the two remaining cars on their backlot when it came time to film American Graffiti, and Henry Travers grabbed them for American Graffiti. After the film's production, a stock car driver purchased one of the cars, but it was crushed in 1970 while Steve Fitch purchased the other car.


Syd Mead had the original Spinner car built for the sci-fi Blade Runner movie, which premiered in 1982. In that film, the flying car is used to get people out of Los Angeles. Fast forward to the release of the Blade Runner 2049 in 2017, and you can see the same car in that movie. You will have to carefully observe, however, to spot the 35-year-old Spinner as it is sitting in a driveway in that film. The rest of the flying cars used in Blade Runner 2049 were produced by Peugeot who saw it as an opportunity to prove that they would be around far into the future.

1973 Ford Gran Torino

When the Dude's car gets stolen from the bowling alley in The Big Lebowski, it is a 1973 Ford Torino. The same car appears in Blue Streak in 1999 and season 8 of The X Files in 2001. This iconic car almost did not appear in The Big Lebowski as the script initially called for a Chrysler LeBaron, but John Goodman did not fit properly in the vehicle. There were two different Gran Torinos used in The Big Lebowski with one being destroyed during filming. The second one was destroyed while filming the X Files.

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