5 Most Used Props In Hip-hop Videos

5 Most Used Props In Hip-hop Videos

5 Most Used Props In Hip-hop Videos

Arguably the best music genre in music entertainment, Hip-hop has evolved from being just a music genre to a culture. Birthed in early 1970, Hip-hop is adored by both the young and the old. One thing that makes Hip hop stand out is the music videos. Hip Hop music videos are exciting, well-crafted and as great dance moves. In recent times, there are some props that now define a dope hip-hop video. Many artists in search of props in Atlanta always have these items on their list of props. Below are the most used props in today's hip-hop music videos:

Cash Money

All over the world, money is unarguably the most used prop in many hip hop music videos. Flaunting a stack of cash is inseparable with hip hop music videos. When you watch a hip-hop music videos, you are likely to see the artist throwing money in the air or displaying money ostentatiously. The reason why money is a frequently used prop in hip hop music video is due to the fact that hip-hop artists want the audience to assume they are rich. The music video for the song "money" by the artist Cardi B is a clear example. The money used most times are counterfeit. In America today, the dollar is one of the most sort after props in Atlanta.

Luxury Cars

Hip Hop artists are fond of riding in Luxurious cars like Porsche, Rolls Royce, Bugatti, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Cadillac etc. Many audiences tend to believe these cars are actually owned by such artist. But in most cases, they were rented. Hip-hop artist uses luxurious cars in their music videos to make the public see them as super wealthy and can afford anything money can buy.


With the increasing rate at which so many youths are being apprehended for the unlawful possession of guns. Many upcoming artists who are in needs for props in Atlanta always add guns to their list. Guns make them seem very powerful and rugged. Most songs about violence make use of a lot of guns as video props.


Hip-hop artists love to use party or club scenes for their music videos and so use expensive champagne bottles in their music videos. They do not necessarily drink the champagnes. In most cases, it’s either popped and sprayed around or just generally placed around the music set as part of the club background. The most common brands of champagne used by hip hop artists in their music videos include Moet & Chandon, and Dom Perignon. .


In today's world, a hip-hop artist music video is not complete without displaying expensive diamond chains, bracelet or wristwatches. Some of these artists even go the length of encrusting diamonds in their teeth as grills.

We offer a wide range of props in Atlanta for music videos. Call us today or send an email and we will be glad to help you.

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