Four Benefits of Using Stunt Drivers

Four Benefits of Using Stunt Drivers

Four Benefits of Using Stunt Drivers

Most action movies have intense car chases, and most crime TV shows have many police chases.  These scenes are usually filmed using stunt drivers.  But that's not all they do.  Stunt drivers make up a portion of the stunt performers used in the film industry to make a scene more realistic.  They typically do the physically challenging or technically perfect work that can make or break the authenticity of a film.  Stunt drivers are able to understand how their actions look on video, and they can adjust their movements and driving to follow the director's instructions.  There are many reasons why using stunt drivers will help enhance any film.

They Are Affordable

When you hire a stunt driver, you will pay loads less money than when you use the big stars.  Also, certain actors may not perform their own stunts, even driving stunts.  Stunt drivers are great alternatives to save you money and help keep your film on budget.  When you film these complex scenes, it can require hours to set up.  In reality, you may only be filming for a short amount of time.  This means that you have to get it right quickly in order to save time and money.  

They Are Physically Aware

Stunt drivers have more precision and awareness to the techniques you are looking to replicate on screen.  They are physically aware of their surroundings and their movements, which makes them easy to direct and to work with overall.  They are coordinated enough to handle split-second timing required in certain driving stunts.  This awareness makes car scenes more realistic and authentic.  

They Contribute to the Set Up

When working with stunt drivers, they also help with setting up the scene.  Their expertise and training makes them great to work with behind the scenes as well.  Often times, they have experience that can help you get the best shot, position the cameras, and maybe even engineer the vehicle they are driving.  These are all tips that can help produce the most authentic scene possible.

They Require Less Insurance

When you are filming car scenes using expensive and valuable cars, you will have to buy insurance.  The insurance you need to buy sometimes depends upon the experience and expertise of the stunt driver who is chosen to drive the vehicle.  When you hire one of the stars, this will likely cost you more than if you were to hire a stunt driver.  This is because they are trained professionals who have awareness to the safety and mechanics of many different types of vehicles.  Their experience makes them invaluable to the process.

These are just a few benefits of using stunt drivers to create authentic car scenes in the film industry.  Their awareness and expertise make them fantastic options to help enhance your movie, both on screen and behind the scenes.  Contact us today if you are looking for expert stunt drivers for your film needs.

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