Expert Guide to Become a Picture Car Coordinator

Expert Guide to Become a Picture Car Coordinator

Expert Guide to Become a Picture Car Coordinator

Ever seen a movie star handle your favorite car on TV? You love when they do, don't you? These cars are professionally known as picture cars or stunt cars. They are the equivalent of movie stars but instead of them being a person, they are an automobile, with many cars making it to more than one film. Apart from the “automotive stars” we see, any time a car appears in a movie or a TV show, there are specialized technicians on stage, making sure nothing goes wrong. The skilled technicians are professionally called picture car coordinators.

As part of their job, picture car coordinators locate and modify cars to meet the specific needs for a film; this includes pushing in additional features so that the cars can efficiently perform certain stunts that are essential to make the movie a blockbuster.

Want to start a career as a picture car coordinator? This guide will point you to most of the information you need to have beforehand.

Read on to get full information regarding how to become a picture car coordinator.


Picture car coordinators handle everything that relates to usage, repair, modification, and movement of vehicles on movie sets. They also ensure that the cars are always kept in good shape so that unforeseen mishaps will not interrupt the rigid timetable of movie production.

The coordinators maintain constant communication with the drivers or movie stars that will use these cars on set using walkie talkies. They keep in constant contact so they can easily tell them what to do and when to do it or how to do it.

Usually, picture car coordinators work as consultants too, giving professional advice on the best types of cars appropriate for the correct interpretation of movie scripts. They decide if there is a need for modifications and of course, if duplicate versions of each car should be made if a particular role requires it.

They also handle the planning and implementation of budgets for maintenance, movement, fueling, and modification of picture cars.

Skill and Education

First, a picture car coordinator must have knowledge of cars. Although you may not need any academic qualification to become a picture car coordinator, training and experience are a must. You should have at the very least, basic car troubleshooting experience incase a problem arises with one of the cars on set.

Additionally, you must be creative and vast in your knowledge of how to manipulate the design of cars. A picture car coordinator must also have excellent management skills since the job also revolves around managing the usage of the cars on, and offset.

You must also be a good negotiator and accountant because you have to be able to keep things within the budget that will be allotted for the cars and your hired drivers.

What To Expect

If you are thinking about a career as a picture car coordinator, you must understand that it can be a very tasking job. You, eventually will work long hours to meet the demands of movie production.

You may be travelling from one location to another and in some cases having extremely odd hours depending on what the director needs. An ability to multitask and work under immense pressure will be beneficial to you when you eventually become a picture car coordinator.

The job of a picture car coordinator can be a rewarding one, but it takes a lot to master the basics. We recommend that you start as a driver and learn what it takes. Contact us today for more information about becoming a picture car driver.

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