Driving Tips from Stunt Drivers

Driving Tips from Stunt Drivers

Driving Tips from Stunt Drivers

Stunt drivers are required to perform driving tasks that most of us can only dream of doing, or that most of us would be too scared to even attempt.  This requires excellent awareness of the road, the cars around them, the environment, and also the operation of their vehicle.  Even though every day drivers don't need to know a lot of the techniques used by stunt drivers, their acumen and driving excellence can provide everyday drivers with insights.  Here are a few driving tips from professional stunt drivers.

Place Your Hands at 9 and 3

Proper hand placement on the steering wheel is important to avoiding any road distractions or obstructions.  Our stunt drivers recommend placing your hand at the 9 and 3 o'clock positions, so that your elbows are bent.  This will allow you more mobility to react in case anyone or anything is in front of your car, or in case you need to quickly adjust your position.  

Position Your Seat Correctly

You want to sit at a proper distance from the steering wheel in order to have full vision, mobility, and control.  It is recommended to sit at least 10 inches away from the steering wheel, from the middle of your chest to the steering wheel.  Be sure to retain a comfortable posture that enables you to both relax but also be seated in the upright position to give your full attention to driving.

Underinflate Your Tires

Having a fully inflated tire may be the most common recommendation.  However, our stunt drivers advise car owners to keep their tires a little underinflated, but not by much.  Keep your tires 10 percent less than the recommended psi.  Underinflated tires actually give the driver more control and help to improve gas mileage.  

Drive with Precision

Stunt drivers drive with high awareness to their vehicle and each one of its parts.  This awareness allows them to drive with precision and accuracy, not speed, as the main objective.  Precision driving is also recommended for all drivers, because it keeps drivers hyperaware of their own vehicle.  Practice driving your vehicle in a safe place, like an empty parking lot or field, in order to become aware of all aspects of your car and how it functions.  Practice applying different pressures to the brakes and gas, focus on the traction of your car when you turn the wheels from side to side, and notice how the car handles overall.  This awareness will increase your ability to drive with accuracy and awareness.  

While stunt drivers may seem to be performing an entirely different and more adventurous style of driving then the everyday driver, they are still experts in the driving field.  Stunt driver advice can help you to become a more precise and attentive driver.  When you are looking for stunt drivers for your TV show, commercial, or film, look no further than the excellent services provided by Precision Drivers of Atlanta.  We are a team of highly-trained drivers that ensure that best scene for your needs.


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