Covington, Alabama: The Hollywood of the South

Covington, Alabama: The Hollywood of the South

Covington, Alabama: The Hollywood of the South

Located about 32 miles northwest of Atlanta, Covington, Alabama, and Newton County has become known as the Hollywood of the South. From the time that producers for the Dukes of Hazard chose this location to the filming of the Vampire Diaries, there are many reasons that producers have decided to film in numerous unique locations around the city and county. If you are scouting for a spot for your next film, then here are some reasons to consider Covington.

Antebellum Homes

If you are looking for a historic setting for your movie, there are many places around Covington where it is effortless to bring history to life. If you are looking for an antebellum home, then consider the beautiful properties along Monticello Avenue. Alternatively, if your production needs a cabin, then think about the one along Avalon Road.

Tax Incentives

The state of Georgia makes it easy to film in Covington by offering tax incentives. If you spend more than $500,000 in the state on production and post-production work, then you get a flat 20% tax credit. If you are willing to put the Georgia promotional logo into your credits, you get another 10%. Music producers and others can combine multiple projects to meet the minimum amount, and there is no sunset law.

Vast Variety

Regardless of the geography you need to film your production, you will find it in Newton County. Consider earlier productions as examples of what is possible. Dolly Parton’s Coat of Many Colors was filmed in the county as was the 2011 version of Footloose, Cannonball Run and many scenes from the Vampire Diaries, Dukes of Hazard and Remember the Titans.

Lower Cost of Living

When you compare Covington to Hollywood, you discover that it is much cheaper to live in Covington. It is approximately 58 % cheaper to live in Covington than in Los Angeles. You can eat for about 8 % less expensive in Covington, and you will save about 30 % on housing. Actors and others can even get where they are going faster and cheaper than in Hollywood.

New Film Studio

In addition to filming on location, construction is underway on a new film studio with three lots in the area. This studio will be the largest one in the metro-Atlanta area, but it will not be the only one. Other facilities already in the area include EUE/Screen Gems Atlanta, Mailing Avenues Stageworks, Pinewood Atlanta Studios.

Picture Cars

Regardless of where you end up filming in the Atlanta area, you can count on Precision Drivers of Atlanta to find the picture cars that you need along with experienced stuntmen to drive them. Give their team a call today to start the process of finding the vehicles that you need for your next production.

Covington, Georgia, is proud of its filming history. If you are thinking of producing your film, then consider this location today.

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Red Bull
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