5 Best Stunt Car Races in Movie History

5 Best Stunt Car Races in Movie History

5 Best Stunt Car Races in Movie History

If you are an action film aficionado, then you have watched many blood-rushing-stunt car races performed by stunt drivers. These scenes leave you on the edge of your seat in your living room or at the movie theater. They are the ones that you discuss around the water cooler at work or while sitting in the commons area at your school. Here are the best five car races in movie history.

The French Connection

You may feel tired after watching the action-filled chase scene in The French Connection. You may also want to scream as the driver narrowly misses a stroller in this 1971 flick from 20th Century Fox. William Hickman who passed away in 1986 did the stunt driving in this film. While many seniors think their reflexes slow down, Hickman was 50 years old when he performed the scenes in this movie.


If you have never watched Bullitt, then put this 1968 Warner Brothers film on your must-watch list. This film starring Steve McQueen as a cop features a 10-minute chase scene in a 1968 Ford Mustang GT. William Hickman is also responsible for the stunt driving in this action-packed film.


It took over 300 stunt drivers reacting with precise actions to capture the fast car scenes in Ronin that was released in 1998 by MGM. While many films make chase scenes appear to be going fast while they are really going at reasonable speeds, cars were filmed in this movie going up to 120 miles per hour.

To Live or Die in L.A.

Legend says that To Live or Die in L.A.’s film director William Fiendkin fell asleep while driving home from a wedding, and he struggled for 20 years before being able to incorporate the scene into one of his movies. Yet, he was able to do it in this film. Most of the stunt work was done by Dan Robinson and Jim Connors.

The Blues Brothers

Over 40 stunt drivers and 60 police cars were needed to create the stunts in The Blues Brothers that was released in 1980 by Universal Studios. The driving in this movie is amazing as the two main characters race to get the money to downtown Chicago to save the orphanage where they grew up.

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