A Beginners Guide To Collecting Movie Props in Atlanta

A Beginners Guide To Collecting Movie Props in Atlanta

A Beginners Guide To Collecting Movie Props in Atlanta

Millions of film junkies love collecting movie stuff, from something as small as comic books or stamps to as big as a classic car! Collecting of film props is something that has existed since cinema films started. Over time, we've seen people's obsession for movies and TV shows drive them into props collecting. You may have thought in the past that only a small group of wealthy people collect movie props in Atlanta, but that's not true. Things have changed from the past when collectors had to know someone in the movie industry. Most of these items are now readily available for the average person to purchase. Anyone with an internet connection can now get props their favorite films and purchase the items that were used for producing the movie.

Here are a few things that you should know if you are interested in collecting props in Atlanta.

It is Quite an Expensive Hobby, But You Don't Need To Break the Bank

It really shouldn't come as a surprise that most movie prop sellers don’t price their props as a bargain deal. After all, a lot of the props are uniquely made for specific movies. You don't just see much supply floating around, and depending on how popular a film is, sellers will want to cash in with a relatively high price.

We have, however, seen cases where props are sold for far less than was expected and of course more than expected. In some cases, some have gone as far as getting a loan to getting the movie prop that they just had to have. Most big-time sellers will offer layaway plans that may even span over months, thereby simplifying the process of purchase for collectors.

Usually, props are priced according to the quality of the films they are used in. This means that blockbusters are generally more expensive.

Know Your Replicas

There are real movie props, and of course, there are replicas. While some people want the real props at all cost, others are okay with the replicas, while some don't mind combining a little of both. The actual items used in the film are considered as the real movie prop, but collectors are provided with several other excellent options as well. I mean, there are not too many real Vader masks out there, but you can see how many people might want one.

There are lots of talented people in the prop replica community, who will sometimes create prop replicas and put them up for sale. They have an obsessive attention to details and can sometimes leave you confused when asked to differentiate the replica from the original prop. Sometimes, their accuracy even surpasses what's available from the studios.

The flip side of it is that people occasionally get fooled into buying replicas as the original.

How Easy is it To Care for Them?

One aspect of prop collection most people tend to overlook is whether or not it’s easy to be cared for. Since creators make real movie props for specific purposes, their production materials may not have been made to last.

Imagine when a product is made of latex for instance - what will happen when the latex dries up and begin to disintegrate? This is one of the reasons why you have to look into how easy it will be to preserve and care for a prop before purchase.

Prop collection is an exciting hobby. It takes a comprehensive knowledge of the above information to be able to collect and care for movie props. When in doubt, we advise consulting an expert before spending your live savings on that light saber.

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