A Look into Jay Leno's Impressive Car Collection

A Look into Jay Leno's Impressive Car Collection

A Look into Jay Leno's Impressive Car Collection

Many of us only dream of having a car collection.  Heck, many of us dream about having one or two collectable cars.  There are quite a few celebrities who have invested their earnings in a one-of-a-kind car and built extensive car collections over time.  Jay Leno is perhaps the most notable on that list.  He has one of the most -- or perhaps, the most -- impressive car collections of all time.  Leno has around 140 cars and over 90 motorcycles in his garage, but there are some unforgettable beauties in that long list.  Let's take a quick look at some of the most precious and expensive cars in his collection.

1937 Fiat Topolino

One of the most classic picture cars, the 1937 Fiat Topolino wows passersby so much that the previous owner actually kept this beauty in the middle of his living room.  This is a classic Italian car that isn't meant for speedy rides.  Instead, this prized possession is meant to go on enjoyable, slow rides through beautiful landscapes.  It can only reach about 50 mph, but it is completely unrestored and in original shape, making it one of Leno's unique favorites.

2014 McLaren P1

Leave it up to Leno to have a car that meets every need.  The 2014 McLaren P1 is meant for speed.  In fact, it doubles as a race car.  When he took this car out on the road for the first time, he inspired the entire line to get sold out.  Leno enjoys driving this car, which can go up to 217 mph, on high-speed roads and catching that California breeze.  

2006 EcoJet

Most people can't say that a fancy car was built in their garage.  And Jay Leno certainly isn't most people.  The 2006 EcoJet is so unique that it was actually built right in Leno's garage.  This one-of-a-kind car is lightweight.  Its body is made of carbon fiber and is entirely environmentally-friendly.  This car runs on anything that can burn, but Leno's choice is biodiesel.  

1994 McLaren F1

One of the most beautiful cars in his collection is the 1994 McLaren F1.  This car alone is worth an estimated $12 million.  This is a three-seater car, where the driver sits in the middle, and everyone gets a full panoramic view as it drives down the road and through the scenery.  The McLaren F1 has a 12 cylinder engine that is lined in gold to give it extra protection from the heat.  It is also lightweight, weighing only about 2,4000 pounds.  

These few cars are just a snippet of what lies behind Leno's garage doors.  We love to take a look at car collections of major celebrities, and to stay connected to what's popular for avid car collectors in Hollywood. As a provider of picture cars for movies and film, Precision Drivers of Atlanta loves to help create the perfect car chase or traffic scene for our clients.  These typically involve some awesome cars, similar to the kind Jay Leno likes to keep in his extensive garage.  Contact us today if you are looking to create a realistic, precision drivers for your TV show, commercial, or film.


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