What to Know About Being A Picture Car Coordinator

What to Know About Being A Picture Car Coordinator

What to Know About Being A Picture Car Coordinator

Every movie requires someone that can supervise all the cars in the movie production to ensure that they do everything that they are supposed to do. This is the job of the picture car coordinator on set. Picture car coordinators are responsible for finding vehicles and modifying them to fit the requires of the production.

Duties of a picture car coordinator

  • Provision and modification of picture cars on set

    A picture car coordinator is the one that oversees the use of vehicles on a television show or movie. This includes any modification work or repair that has to be done to ensure that the picture car is ready for use in the role that it is meant for.

  • Management of timetable

    This involves ensuring that picture cars are ready for their scene whenever they are needed. A production can be greatly hampered if one of the picture cars refuses to start or develops a flat tire during production. The picture car coordinator ensures that every picture is prepared for its scene as at when due.

  • Management of auto personnel

    There are many professionals responsible for picture cars on set. These include painters, mechanics, stunt drivers, fabricators and others that work on picture cars during a production. The picture car coordinator’s job is to ensure that they are all in sync and working together towards the success of the production project. This includes ensuring smooth working relationships between the production crew and the picture car crew.

  • Consultancy role

    An experienced picture car coordinator will provide valuable input about the choice of picture cars in a production. They help the production crew decide what kind of vehicles work best for areas of the film or characters. They also advise on how many duplicates of a picture car may be needed because of the stunts that it may take on or the complexity of the role. They are also sometimes in charge of providing a budget for the transportation, fueling and maintenance of all picture cars on set.

What to expect during a career as a picture car coordinator

You should expect to work very long hours as the production’s schedule permits while ensuring that all the picture cars and in the best condition for the shoot. There are typically office spaces provided for picture car coordinators to give them conducive environment for budgeting, planning and other important activities.

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