Top Tips from Stunt Drivers When Driving in The Rain

Top Tips from Stunt Drivers When Driving in The Rain

Top Tips from Stunt Drivers When Driving in The Rain

It is common to see stunt drivers in movies driving through heavy rain without any issues but in real-life, that is more difficult to do to avoid skidding and all the other issues that poor visibility during rainfall can cause. Precision Drivers Atlanta has one of the biggest rosters of experienced stunt drivers and here are some of the top tips they have for you whenever you find yourself in the rain.

Slow Down!

A large percentage of driving accidents during rainy weather such as fish-tailing and skidding are typically as a result of speeding too much. Even the best Hollywood stunt drivers do not exceed 35mph when driving on wet roads. As you are not even at that level of skill, it is highly recommended that you stay below that speed. Keep your speeds low and ensure that you allow for more following distance for other cars in case you need to avoid another driver who has lost control.

Avoid sudden braking

If you find your car skidding or hydroplaning, the worst thing you can do is to hit the brakes hard. Take your foot off the gas pedal gradually so that your car speed can reduce without you risking a somersault off the road. Ensure that you have a good feel for your car’s control and steering so that when you notice the lack of traction, you know how best to keep your car slowly decelerating up to a point where control is easier. You don’t have to be stunt drivers to be safe.

Ensure your car is well-maintained

It is important that your car should be kept in the best possible condition once the rains start. This includes ensuring that your tires have good tread and your steering is in top condition too. Keep your windshield clean and your wipers working so that you can have better visibility. Stunt drivers recommend doing a car tune every couple of months if possible.

Dealing with hail storms

In some areas, you could have hail which could be dangerous for drivers. Here are some steps you can take when driving in the middle of a hail storm.

  • Keep your speed decreasing with safe following distances to other cars around you. Your drive may be bumpy so maintain a low enough speed, so you can change directions and react to the road or other drivers as required.
  • Pull off the highway if the hailstorm intensifies and you are getting a lot of hits. Try to find an overhanging area or a shaded area to park your car and wait for the conditions to improve.
  • Keep your car safe from damage by angling your car in a way that the windscreens can take the worst of the hail impact since they are the strongest. Side windows care liable to be damaged during serious hailstorms.

Keeping your car in control during rain or hailstorms isn’t only possible with stunt drivers. By following these tips, you have a very good chance to get home safe every time.

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