Top Reasons Why Mustangs are Loved

Top Reasons Why Mustangs are Loved

Top Reasons Why Mustangs are Loved

The Ford Mustang has been one of the most popular cars since it was produced in April 1964 and has remained in the limelight ever since. With the Mustang now over half a century old, it is still in production and a top seller in the auto industry. Why have Mustangs refused to go out of fashion and are still loved like new?

Here are some of the reasons why Mustangs are one of the best loved cars in America.

1. Sports Car Appeal

When Ford decided to make the Mustang, there was a general conception that sports cars had to have a choppy ride, terrible weather sealing and a small trunk space. This was why a lot of people were not buying sports cars in the 1960’s when Ford was thinking about the Mustang. The Mustang then came into the market with a fix for all the drawbacks that sports cars used to have then and gave drivers all the feelings of driving a sports car with none of the negative features. It has also continued to evolve with new technology today while maintaining its quintessential appeal through the ages for racing and as picture cars.

2. Cool factor

It goes without saying that Mustangs have been iconic over the years with many models like the GT350 and Boss 429 that have become renowned in the auto industry. These cars have been well known for their racing capability and their solid build quality. Even the models that are no longer being produced are still collectors’ items all around. With many awards over the years, the Mustang has always been and will always be a cool car.

3. Customizability

One of the beautiful things about Mustangs is that you can customise it anyway you want. The engine, interior, exterior and almost every part of the car can be spec’d according to your budget and personal preferences. Because of the many options that exist in making custom Mustangs, it is a popular choice for sports and racing cars as well as in movies as picture cars.

4. Consistency

The Mustang has always been consistent in what it offers its lovers. Its combination of features and unique offering has always been the same. The Mustang has been sporty, sleek and powerful over the years. The look has evolved but Mustangs have always been easily recognized in a crowd of cars. Even the Mustangs used as pictures in the 1980s can still find usefulness today. Ford has not lost their touch in updating the Mustang over the years which makes it one of the most popular picture cars for action and racing movies.

Mustangs are here to stay and will always live on. They’re classy enough to still be around for another 60 years, still being the preferred choice for sports cars and picture cars.

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